Do Yourself A Favor And Embrace Your Imperfections

Sometimes it is difficult for us to accept our imperfections especially when we are constantly told to strive for perfection.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to accept our imperfections especially when we are constantly told to strive for perfection. 

Do yourself a favour and do not beat up yourself to be perfect. Keep your mental peace and accept your flaws proudly. Just be a good person with pure intentions.

It is okay to be imperfect. You do not require validation from people about your thoughts, appearance, job, and opinions. Do not look for a constant approval from people to feel good about yourself. Amortise the stress of being flawless because your unique flaws make you the person you are.

The constant pressures of being perfect

Women around the world are in constant pressure to be perfect.  Be it at their workplace or at home, or a graduate student or a daughter-in-law. The constant pressure that women are supposed to be good at everything needs to be changed. Expecting them to be multi-faceted is different and expecting them to excel in everything is an illegitimate demand.

This greed of people have destroyed many young girls mental peace. They go in their shell and become dormant for quite a few years. People need to realise that their futile remarks about their work, profession, appearance, habits can devastate someone’s self-worth.

Am I good enough?

Honestly,  I had been in their shoes and I know how it feels. I had been beating myself to feel good about myself for good 2-3 years. I constantly needed to know from my family and friends that I’m a good person and I have a good heart. I am good at my work or I have a talent too. It is okay. It is natural to feel certain way once your self-worth is devastated. You are prone to gravitate towards negativity.

However, this constant pressure to please everyone needs to be negated. Accept yourself the way you are. You heal and grow each passing day with new experiences and opportunities. Nevertheless, do not beat up yourself to feel good and perfect all this while.

You learn and accept your individuality and uniqueness.

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And yes, I embrace my imperfections gracefully.

So should you! Find yourself who you are, follow and become yourself! Love.

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