Top 10 Self-Care Tips For Women To Help You Keep Thriving And Hustling!

Checking in with yourself and your welbeing is important, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. 


Checking in with yourself and your well-being is important, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and the lock-down. 

With so much going on in the world right now, feeling delirious and agitated is normal. Scrolling down the Twitter and watching news on television about the rate at which Corona virus is expediting globally is overwhelming. Not just this, but also 2020 seems to be relentless with everything else that is going in the world. We are shuddering and there is no stopping to it.

Nevertheless one thing is for sure that we certainly cannot avoid the situation and we have to be our best in these unprecedented times. Every day is a new challenge in order to be mentally fit, healthy, and happy so that we can survive each day. It can be an arduous job but definitely not impossible. There are a few things that if we pay attention to can prove to be beneficial for our mental, physical and emotional health.

Self-care, the necessity of out times

Self-care is one of the underrated things. Everyone knows it yet no one pays heed to it. Albeit, self-care is gradually trending because of  social media and experts opining their views about it yet it has to go through a long way as people, especially women who are prone to get stressed easily need to advocate self-care for themselves.

Therefore, we have rounded up the best 10 self-care tips for you to rejuvenate yourself in this pandemic. Not just this, but also these tips can be incorporated in your daily routine so that you feel calm, relaxed, and content.

See the Sunrise

It may sound cliche but it is beneficial for your emotional and physical health. As sun is a natural source of Vitamin D, it becomes imperative for your body to get your dosage of natural Vitamin D. Not just this, but also it improves stress level hormone which is Cortisol. That’s right! Just being under the sun is not only good for your body, but is beneficial to keep your mood right the entire day. As soon as you wake up, get under the sun.

Read a Book or Listen to a Podcast

Reading a book certainly deviates the mood and make you feel calm. If you are not a reader, you can opt for listening to a podcast. There are different podcasts available – motivational, fictional, comedy, spiritual, and more. You can pick your favorite genre and  listen to it while you are cooking, gardening, or just relaxing.

PS: You do not have to finish reading a book in one go or listen to an entire podcast in one day. Go slowly. Take out 15 minutes from your schedule and enjoy the reading or listening.

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Treat yourself

Cook your favorite meal. Believe us! This will uplift your mood. Decide a menu for one meal, cook it yourself and enjoy the meal. Since, it is not quite safe to go out and munch on a favorite meal. Why not cook it for yourself and enjoy the scrumptious meal. You definitely deserve a treat!

Pampering is a must

Put on a face mask or draw yourself a bath. These teeny-weeny things will help you relax your mind and soul. It will replenish you and make you feel rejuvenated. Not just this, but they are also good for your skin and body respectively. Take out a little time for yourself and give yourself a bit of pampering.

Slouch on a couch

Napping is a blessing. You might want to agree with us on this. Honestly, napping is so helpful that you feel energized and active once you are up. Therefore, add napping in your routine, no matter what. A 30-40 minutes nap is sufficient. So, start taking your afternoon nap!

Get a hobby

Spend some of your time doing something that brings you joy. It can be as minimal as doodling or as major as learning a new language. Pick on the things that you had left because of your work, home, babies or anything. Paint, cook, plant, dance, sing- anything that you thoroughly enjoy. Do it over the weekends or spend 15 minutes every day. You will feel much better.

Make a journal

One of the best ways to feel calm is to vent it out. While you can certainly phone a friend to vent out feelings, you can also make a journal for yourself and pour your heart out. This way, you can go back, read and feel the difference of what kind of a person you were before and after. Also, at times, people are not available to hear you all the time. Therefore, make notes and let it all out.

One goal at a time

Yes, there is so much to do in so little time. However, do not stress yourself with all the work. You cannot be everywhere. And you certainly cannot complete everything in one go. Make a goal for each day and work to reach your goal.

Look yourself in the mirror

The only person who can motivate you is yourself. Get up, look in the mirror, tell yourself good things about yourself and say you can do it. You go and get this girl. Try to practice this for five minutes every day. You are your biggest cheerleader.


With all the hustling going on, do not forget to breathe. You are essential.

So, those were the best 10 self-care tips for you to get through this pandemic. Not just this, but also you can practice these self-care tips in your daily routine to keep yourself motivated and positive.

You are strong and you got this girl!

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