15 Morning Routine Ideas To Give You A Head Start!

A good morning routine can not just get you ready for the day, but also help you work towards better mental and physical health.

A good morning routine can not just get you ready for the day, but also help you work towards better mental and physical health.

We all need an IKIGAI in life. Now you might be familiar with this word and must have read the book on Ikigai or heard this name on various platforms.

To reiterate, the word means a reason for being.

What is IKIGAI?

In simpler words, Ikigai means a reason to live, a purpose in life, or something that gets us going. It not only helps us to get going in life, but  also directs us to get up in the morning in pursuit of our goals, tasks and dreams.  Therefore, Ikigai guides us to set up our morning routine so that we can initiate the day with zeal and passion.

Getting up in the morning is actually a task especially after a long hectic day when you just want to slouch on the couch without worrying about the next day. Or even if you wake up in the morning, the cell phone next to you makes you lazy to come out of the bed as you scroll down your emails, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Getting your morning routine going

You plan to get up in the morning and set an alarm. However, as soon as it buzzes, you hit the snooze button to get some more sleep. This is because you lack the will to pursue your goals, tasks and things that make you happy in life. Or to be precise, you lack IKIGAI.

You must recognize things you like, things that make you happy, your goals, values and daily tasks to entice you to get up in the morning so that you reach your goals every day and live your day to the fullest.

Here are the steps to set up a morning routine to give your day a head-start!

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We have tried our hands on various things to set up a morning routine for ourselves but failed miserably. Nevertheless, here are easy-to-do steps to help you set a morning routine just for yourself.

List down the things that are important to you

Create a list of the things that define you and your values. To make it simple, identify things that you pay attention to the most in life such as family, friends, health, business, fashion, etc. Once you are clear with what you are passionate about, write down your life goals. Say, if you want to be a writer, entrepreneur, or a home-maker. Further, jot down the things that give you instant happiness and uplift your moods such as dancing, writing, jogging, or even a cup of coffee.

Pro-Tip: Use an excel spreadsheet to create a list. Create three different sections each of the things that are mentioned above: Your Values, Your Goals, and Things that give you Happiness. List down the points under each section so you know what you want in life and the reasons to get up in the morning.

List down the tasks ahead of you

Each one of us is allotted with daily tasks that we have to accomplish on a day to day basis. A writer has to write, proofread and edit. An entrepreneur has got his/her plate full of tasks such as meeting, brainstorming, reviewing, and more. A home-maker has to cook, laundry, wash utensils, etc. Therefore, write the daily tasks that you have to complete in a day.

Analyze (make an activity list)

Put heads together to figure out activities that match up with your values, goals, things that make you happy and your daily tasks. It can be an overwhelming exercise at start but once you got it all figured out, it will be easier for you to get up in the morning since you will know the first thing you want to do once you are up in the morning.

Now let’s just say, you are a health freak and you are a writer. You can get up in the morning to write an article on the health for yourself, readers or clients. Or let’s say your family is important to you and you enjoy nature, you can sit in the lawn in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee amidst nature.

Try and analyze everything to shortlist the activities that you can do in the morning. Be creative and do not be afraid of this exercise. It will certainly help you figure out who you are as a person and what is your passion in life which will unequivocally render you the zeal that you need to get out of the bed.

  • Timings: Now, you must set the timings for your morning routine. You can go a bit easy over here. Initially, try getting up an hour early than your usual time. You can make the timings flexible according to your work schedule. However, going easy on the weekends will make it easy since everyone deserves a little treat.
  • Start with One Habit: As said in the beginning, setting up a morning routine is a daunting task. Therefore, it should be an easy and flexible process to transform it into a full-fledged habit. Do not overwhelm yourself with doing many activities at a time. Start taking one activity in a day before it turns into a habit. It will take some time for you to be comfortable and turn it into a routine. Therefore, be patient.
  • Add more Habits: Once you are comfortable with getting up in the morning, start adding two-three habits. Carry out various activities in a day that make you happy, get closer to your goals and give you a purpose in life.
  • Tip-Toe: Tip-toe initially. Is is suggested to go easy on yourself and take teeny-weeny steps to set up a morning routine. Sit with a clear mind, make a list, identify yourself, analyze activities and start picking up a habit every day until you are complacent with your morning routine.
  • Keep Evolving: You do not have to stick with the list you make about the activities that you can do in the morning. A person keeps evolving and so does his liking and passion for other things. Keep upgrading your list so that you enjoy the activities that you perform in the morning.
  • Enjoy: Lastly, you should enjoy your morning routine so that you execute the rest of your day with ease and a pleasant mood.

Here, we sum up the 9 steps to help you set up the morning routine that is specially crafted for you according to your values, goals and interests to give you a head-start for the rest of the day.

Morning routine ideas

Below are some of the morning routine ideas that might interest you to add in your activity list:

  1. See the Sunrise
  2. Drink Water
  3. Exercise (Yoga, Stretch, Run)
  4. Read Newspaper, Book, Articles, Blogs
  5. A Cup of Coffee
  6. Take a Cold Shower
  7. Write
  8. Eat Breakfast
  9. Keep a Daily Journal
  10. Send Morning Messages
  11. Set Goals for the Day
  12. Cross off Yesterday
  13. Water Plants
  14. Make a Gratitude List
  15. Enjoy Nature

These are few suggestions which might help you kick off your mornings. As it has been rightly said – “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

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