Seven Reasons Why Self-Care Is Super Important For You

Self-care is needed to live a life that is balanced and peaceful. Here is how we can take care of our whole well-being and be happy.

Self-care is needed to live a life that is balanced and peaceful. Here is how we can take care of our whole well-being and be happy.

We are sure you have heard of the word “Self-Care” innumerable times. However, the question arises have you implemented this word in your daily life? We are assuming not much and we do not wonder why.

We are too busy with daily chores of our lives and are buried under several responsibilities that we often neglect what is good for us. Most of the times we put our happiness in the back seat for the sake of duties, tasks and even others. Nevertheless, we still want to emphasize how essential it is to take care of ourselves to keep hustling and thriving in life. And to face the impending challenges we must be resilient, balanced, and focused to cross the roadblocks that come in our way.

There are countless reasons why everyone should be practising self-care. We are highlighting the salient reasons as to why self-care needs to be practised by everyone at all times. Not only we will be mentioning the importance of self-care, but we will also be briefing the types of self-care that you should never ignore.

Let’s begin!

Importance of Self-Care:

  • Enhanced Emotional Health: Self-Care lets you know your worth, values and needs. When you indulge in self-care activities, you become aware of yourself and your priorities. This way emotional health may be improved.
  • Increased Physical Strength: Self-Care activities boost your physical stamina which further leads to a better immune system. When you participate in activities like yoga, aerobics, and even running, your physical health is improved. You feel less stressed. You easily fight the cases of colds, flu and indigestion.
  • Higher Productivity: Self-Care lets you manage your professional and personal life in a much healthier way. Because self-care activities make you feel relaxed and energized, you become pro at completing tasks since you can concentrate more than before. You feel less burnt out and gloomy. As a result, you become active at work.
  • Stress Management: You can handle the stress and manage your work efficiently with self-care activities. Since self-care improves your mental health, you become efficient and quicker in responding to the things. Self-care lets you become calm and poised in unwanted situations.
  • Elevated Self-Esteem: You become more confident after practising self-care. You feel happier and you glow differently. You realize your worth and you become more positive in life
  • The Givers: Self-care enlightens you about the importance of spreading happiness to others. You start to care for others and become givers. Seeing others happy make you happy. You would not mind going up to a certain extent to make others happy.
  • You Live: You start to live. Apart from fulfilling duties, you become aware of yourself and your needs. You start doing things that are good for your mind and body. You realize the importance of life and hence you would not waste it since life is so beautiful and it is to be lived.

Do not wait further! Start practising self-care and see the difference yourself.

Types of Self-Care

Now let’s quickly brief you the types of self-care that you should never ignore.

  • Physical Self-Care: Physical self-care does not mean doing what you like. It means doing activities that are GOOD for your body. Therefore, indulge in activities that benefit your body like yoga, exercising, eating nutritious food, sleeping, etc. Drugs, junk food and alcohol only uplift your mood for a brief period. They are not a part of physical self-care. Hence, refrain indulging into things are bad for your body.
  • Mental Self-Care: You must not side-line your mental health in any case. Discover who you are and how you would like to protect your space, identity, and authenticity. Figure out your hobbies, goals, life objectives, and anything else that prompts your intellect. Ensure you live for yourself.
  • Emotional Self-Care: Emotions are both good and bad. Embrace both emotions. If you are excited, show excitement, if you feel like crying, cry. Just do not get scared from accepting how you feel even when you are extremely happy, excited, anxious, sad or jealous. Understand each of your emotions, write a journal, and write how you feel every day. Be it bad or good. Make a gratitude list, meet a friend, share your feelings, and write words that clearly describe your feelings or see a therapist.
  • Social Self-Care: Connect with people who are better for you. Talk to people you trust about your concerns and feelings. It does not matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert. You require a social circle that understands and encourages you. Try to make dinner or lunch plans with friends, join support groups, enrol yourself in some class and meet people with similar interests.
  • Spiritual Self-Care: Spiritual Self-Care means getting to know your inner self. You get familiar with your values and things that matter in your life. You discover what makes you happy when you indulge in Spiritual Self-Care. You can meditate, read poetry, walk in nature, say affirmations, and see the beauty around you.

Step-by-step, one-by-one, tip-toe if you want, but start practising and start practising today to see the new and happier you.

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