Social Media Is Not Your Friend During This Lockdown

People are already in distress, without the ‘who is the next best chef’ Instagram stories making them feel bad about their own producitivity levels. 

People are already in distress, without the ‘who is the next best chef’ Instagram stories making them feel bad about their own producitivity levels. 

Is your Instagram filled with stories and posts of people cooking, painting, dancing, and singing etc.?

Does that make you think even for a second that you do not have any hobby or interests? And even if you do, you just do not want to do it but you then you feel the pressure of posting such stories?

Because why not?

What Instagram can entail

It is Instagram. You are supposed to let people invade your personal lives.

No, I am not against Instagram. I certainly use it for myself. However, using it to reciprocate people’s demands is what I am against.

Indeed, it becomes stressful to be in the race with others to show them that I am no lesser and live a life to the fullest.

Let us take care of our mental health

So, everyone is taking this quarantine time pretty seriously and working on developing skills that they always wanted to have.

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However, there are some who are agitated and shuddered with panic during the time of this pandemic. These are unprecedented times where people need to be supported and loved, rather than forced to adhere to a schedule or routine. We cannot expect to live out lives the same way when out times are so uncertain.

But with these constant flowery Instagram stories exacerbate the situation for people who are dealing with the anxiety in this lockdown.

Let me assert it clearly for those who are in this situation, if you do not want to follow the footsteps that others lay for you and want to be in your space in this tough times, it is okay and normal to feel this way.

You do not have to get carried away with showy Instagram stories as they are temporary. But your mental peace is forever.

This lockdown is already taking a toll on many. The number of distress calls have only escalated. Let’s not worsen the situation by making others feel inferior.

It is OKAY to slouch and sleep for longer hours.

It is totally OKAY not to have a hobby or passion about anything in this time because it is pandemic, not a contest.

It is totally okay to procrastinate. You do not want to work. Take a break. Skip it. We are already under stress during this pandemic. We do not want to feel more pressurised.

It is totally okay to laze around in your cozy bed. Nothing is more important than mental peace.

It is totally okay to be you in this lockdown. Just do not get influenced by social media and launch a ‘productivity war’ that will not take you anywhere.

Let’s just support each other to get through this.


Image Source: Pexels


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