Pity The Body Shamers, For They Know Not That They Should Have Better Things To Do!

Pay no heed to the body shamers who will continue to pass judgement on your body - they have nothing better to do with their lives!

Pay no heed to the body shamers who will continue to pass judgement on your body – they have nothing better to do with their lives!

Dear Body Shamers,

I really want to thank you for taking out your precious time to evaluate and judge my body and for letting me know my body type. Without y’all, I would not have gotten to know how I look like. So thank you very much.

Yes, I have been body shamed a lot. I still face that criticism for being ‘too thin‘. You might be aware of all the jokes being made on people who are thin. You look like a skeleton, you are a hanger, you must go to Lilliput to shop, blah blah blah!

The worst was when people would tell my mom: “Isko kuch khilaya pilaya karo. Aap khilate nai kya?” (Feed her something. Don’t you give her anything?) Are you serious? Which mom does that? Which mom doesn’t let her child eat?

I still remember that lady at the security check, who once commented on my body. I still remember that acquainted friend telling me why she does not need a padded bra. I still remember that comment on my fb profile, “Damn girl you are so thin. Gain some. BTW pretty <WINK> <XOXO>.”

But hey you know what, I feel bad for all of you. My body and my mind are very much healthier unlike yours.

I am not out there to pass my judgement on every human body I see. Because I know, that’s the least cool thing to do. To body shame anyone.

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However, I understand your sentiments. That’s the only job you got in this world. What a sad life you have. Now I feel really bad for you whilst writing this.

Nevertheless, I want to tell this to all those people who have passed judgement sometime or the other, that I don’t starve myself to look thin. That’s how my body is like. I work out, I eat, and I love food. But if my body wants to stay this way, then it will.

Same goes for the person who is ‘fat’. Have you ever thought, what troubles they might be going through? Maybe they are depressed. Maybe that fat lady whom you mock every day, just had a painful delivery.

It is not easy for us. We have to face this every day. We have to showcase ourselves to be perfect in this imperfect world. How silly is that? Isn’t it?

Listen girl, if you are fat. That’s okay. You rock in that LBD (little black dress) of yours. No perfect body can carry the way you do it.

Lady if you are thin, don’t be ashamed. Wear crop tops, tank tops. Don’t hide your arms because they are thin. Flaunt them. Trust me, inside their (body shamers) hearts, they are all jealous of you.

From now on, forget what the body shamers say.

You are confident, lovable, and an amazing soul.

What is inside the body is all that should matter.

Live your life.

Much love.

Image source: pixabay

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