Celebrate And Hold Close Your Teenage Friends! They Can Be Your Friends Forever!

Friends women make in their teens really 'get' you, and these teenage friends tend to remain friends forever!

Friends women make in their teens really ‘get’ you, and these teenage friends tend to remain friends forever!

I am a 90’s kid. The favourite sitcom of almost every 90’s kid is Friends. I grew up watching Friends. I love it so much that I still watch it over and over. I was so much into it that I would want a gang of friends just like those when I became a teenager.

I wanted five other friends with whom I would sip my favourite coffee at a very cool coffee house. I would share my clothes with my two other girlfriends. I would eat, sleep, and drink with them. We would cook and do laundry together and everything else that Monica, Rachel and Phoebe did together in Friends.

My bubble soon burst and I realized it would never happen exactly like that. I met a lot of people, made many friends but only few were close to my heart when I was a teenager.

Teenage is a time when everything is just so bright and nice. Nothing can go wrong. It seems like it’s forever. It feels like it’ll stay that way.

I lived the same life with my girlfriends. We would share every tiny little secret. For instance, I still remember the day when I told my gang of girls, sitting on a swing in a summer evening, that I was thinking of using hair removing cream. They were shocked and happy at the same time. I could not understand their expression but they were excited about doing the same.

I still remember whenever my parents planned a family dinner, I would invite my friends, no matter what, because we just could not be apart from each other. And if they were not allowed to come along, I would to skip those dinner plans. Now this is what I feel is a genuine bond of friendship and love.

It still makes me laugh to think I used to go to my friend’s house on a summer afternoon just to tell her and the others that my crush passed by my house. And they would be all ears.

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Teenage is when girls learn so much about the changes happening in their bodies, and the hormones wreak havoc, but your girl friends are standing right next to you, encouraging you and also making fun of you at the same time.

There used to be long chit chat in the nights under one blanket, eating pizza and sipping coffee, sneaking together in a kitchen to grab food, and standing by each other when one got scolded. I felt love and care.

Having teenage friends are important for a person to grow up. They explain to you so many things that nobody else could ever make you understand.

Here is my list of how my teenage friends have helped me grow as a person:

Support: I know the real meaning of supportive by staying with them. Your friends won’t ever leave you miserable. They are the best support system ever. This is what I learn from them: always be supportive of your family, friends and dear ones.

Sharing: Yes, be it clothes, food or secrets. Do not shy away from sharing.

Confidence: They would do anything to make you feel that you are the best person in the world. They will bring back your confidence whenever you are nervous.

Partners in crime: They would sneak in with me in kitchen at midnight and if we got caught, they would take their share of blame.

Love: I know the true meaning of love by having teenage friends in life. Sharing one blanket, sipping coffee and sharing stories and secrets. You vent out everything, knowing that you aren’t being judged.

Standing up for you: When everyone else is mocking you because of your outfit or looks, they will step in and fight for you.

Love Yourself: They will make you fall in love with yourself. I remember when people used to body shame me because I am thin, my friends would come and tell me that I was perfect.

These are the best feelings ever.

I wish I had a time machine so that I could relive these moments again. I would like to thank all my teenage friends for making me the person I am today. I have learned to forgive and forget. I have learned to spread love and kindness. And I’m still learning.

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