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The Scars Of My Broken Heart Made Me Stronger And Taught Me To Let Go

"A guy doesn't like you? That doesn't mean there is something wrong with you!" And many such tips for dealing with heartbreaks from the author's own experience. 

“A guy doesn’t like you? That doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you!” And many such tips for dealing with heartbreaks from the author’s own experience. 

On call with Heer (my bro bra bi everything), “Heer, I have had my heart broken twice in a row now. I don’t know what to do? It is so very hard to deal with.”

Heer replied, “It’s okay bro! you might even have your heart broken thrice, fourth or fifth time in the future. You have to chill and learn to handle it. Its not at all a big deal!”

Well actually, she is right. Just because a person didn’t like me, doesn’t mean that I am bad. Yeah, many times I had this thought that maybe there is something wrong with me, that is why a guy didn’t like me. I still think the same at times and ask people this stupid question – what are the characteristics of a likable person? You know, you often tend to do crazy things when you are sad or in a low ebb.

But no, there is nothing wrong with me. Sometimes your wavelength, chemistry and understanding just don’t match the person you like. It is not your fault neither it is the guy’s fault. It is just that it was not meat to work out. That’s all.

I know it is very difficult to understand it and let go of someone. But that’s the best and mature thing to do – letting go.

What else did my broken heart teach me?

Put yourself above everything else. You don’t have to stoop down to something for making the other person like you. Someone will like you for who you are no matter what, just the way you liked the other person when he didn’t even do anything special for you. Makes sense now, right?

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Don’t expect a person to change for you and you don’t have to change yourself either. Take time out for a person but keep yourself occupied with your other things as well. Do what you like and never forget your passion. Do not get laid back just because you wanted to talk to that person and keep staring at your phone screen 24*7, forgetting everything else.

Drink coffee, dance, read, write, go out and be who you really are. Eventually, someone is going to see good in you, the way you saw something good in the other person (who broke your heart. Lol. Just kidding). But right time, right place, right person will find you and you will find him. Believe it!

Feeling little better and motivated? I was too. This is a copied line. My sister-in-law told me all this when I was telling her how pathetic I felt, getting my heart broken and losing my face again. Yes, at times, people don’t value you when you are with them. But they realize your worth and how good you are when you are gone.

But impossible things happen all the time. I may sound stupid here. But I do believe miracles do happen. Our story can also be a fairytale. That’s all I am saying. <wink>.

But yeah, having a scar in your heart actually makes you a stronger person, if you are willing to learn from it.

I did. So can you.

Be good to yourself. Just hang in there.

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