Dear Indian Parents, Stop Trying To Control Your Child’s Love Life For These Silly Reasons

Posted: February 18, 2018

Indian parents give the damnedest reason for controlling their child’s love life. Time to think about how your meddling can affect them.

For starters, somebody please tell me we live in 21st century. Because from what I see, a few people are still on those crossroads from where they need to decide who do they have to go with: their parents or their love.

Yes, and why does this happen? Because our Indian parents, especially those who live in the northern states (I say this specifically because I live in this geographical area, and I know how it is) here are extremely controlling of their child’s life. From their education, to their clothes to their eating habits to their friends and also to whom they should get married.

It is unbelievable that these are the reasons (or excuses) they still give, in the 21st century, why their child should not get married to the person they love.

  • Physical Appearance: Either he/ she is too fat or too thin. Jach nai rahe sath khade hoke: stock words of Indian Parents
  • Family Background: Party damdaar honi chahiye (Family Background should be strong in term of monetary).
  • Mom: Ma chalak lagdi si. (His or her mom seems to be cunning).
  • Cooking: Does she know how to cook? Pet kaise bharegi?
  • Kundali: No no not at all. I can’t let you get married to that girl. She is manglik. She will kill you.
  • Dahej (Dowry): How much dahej she gets is equal to how much she loves the person.
  • Being way too informal: Girl’s parents are supposedly need to fold hands, look down, should not utter words in front of groom’s family. They are not like this. There is no respect for us. They won’t respect you at all.

All right. It aches my heart to say that because of this kind of senseless talk, two adults who are capable enough to know how to choose their life partner end up in agonized for rest of their lives just to make their parents happy.

Parents, you educate them, you let them be independent. Then why can’t you let them choose whom they want to live with? How can you be so sure that the one you choose will be suitable for your child? Nobody can say that unless you spend time with the person.

At least, here your child knows that person. Stop being so stubborn and stop taking control. Go meditate, spread love, and plan a trip. Just stop taking control of your child’s love just because you are their parents.

Two people who love each other and know each other is all that should matter. In the end, it’s just the two of them. Kundalis, cooking, family background are all just vague. They are not even real problems. They are created for no reasons.

Have a clear mind.

Stop meddling.

I hope, I sincerely hope that this stops.

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