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Swara Bhaskar Is An Inconvenient Woman Who Gets Hate From All Sides For Just ONE Reason

Swara Bhaskar is not the 'good woman' that a patriarchy loves. This ‘disobedient’ woman doesn’t fit into any convenient moulds, and as such is infuriating in the extreme.

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Swara’s Wedding Highlights Vulnerability Of Couples Marrying Under Special Marriage Act
Swara wedding

The SMA needs a notice of marriage that is in a book available to the public, but is commonly interpreted as putting up the details of the couple on a public notice board; this can become dangerous.

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I Need To Speak Of My Abusive MIL Even If It’s ‘Washing Dirty Laundry In Public’!

If only I had taken her seriously, but I was too much in love with my husband. That was the first red flag I should have paid attention to.

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As The Newly Weds Will Find Out, Is Love Enough?

Can love fill hungry bellies, provide the bare necessities, and help a couple to “live”? And, does that love stay alive through thick and thin, in health and sickness, till death do them part?

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Scared of Marriage: As An Indian Woman, I have Many Reasons To Be
Scared of Marriage: As An Indian Woman, I have Many Reasons To Be

Scared of Marriage: As a middle-class Indian woman, I have many reasons to be afraid— Indian households look for women who can cook, clean, and sacrifice their lives for husbands and in-laws

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My Parents Asked Me to Remain Quiet, No Matter What Happens!
My Parents Asked Me To Remain Quiet

My father always taught me, that be it a love marriage or arrange marriage, the first three years are a locking period. Every girl has to do a lot of adjustments!

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