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love marriages
Two Fathers And A Wedding… Love Is All That Mattered!

"Maa, why are two brides standing with each other?” The mother gently held her son’s hand and said, “Because love doesn’t see gender. If you love someone, you can always choose them."

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Marriage Shouldn’t Be Just Legal Sex, Stability, & Kids. We Need A Witness To Our Lives
love and companionship

Why should people marry? Is it just the things we're told by elders that have to do with the mundane? What about love and companionship? Do we always get it?

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I Couldn’t Call It Love Yet, But This Happened After Our Mad First Date

She had a mad first date and the two hit it off. She was no longer a giddy teenager, but a responsible, 30 year old working woman. What happened when she told her family about him?

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Love Doesn’t Fade, It Only Gets Hidden Until Something Unexpected Lights It Up! My Story
love doesn't fade

Love doesn't fade away if it is nurtured, even if it seems to. It just remains hidden, and dazzles you at the most unexpected moments. #MyTrueStory

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Dear Indian Parents, Stop Trying To Control Your Child’s Love Life For These Silly Reasons
Indian parents

Indian parents give the damnedest reason for controlling their child's love life. Time to think about how your meddling can affect them.

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You By My Side [#ThisThingCalledLove]
you by my side

A sweet poem of new love and longing, that can also ring just as true for love that has weathered the ravages of time, and is just as strong even though mellow.

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