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Dipanwita Banerjee

I hold an MA degree in English Literature and I have a flair for writing. I mostly try to focus on issues faced by women on a regular basis and hope that one day the world will be a better place for us.

Voice of Dipanwita Banerjee

5 Feminist Pakistani Movies That Are Both Entertaining & Thought-Provoking!

From Bol to Verna, here are 5 superb feminist Pakistani films that should be on your must-watch list!

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Dor, Iqbal, Lakshmi, & More: Filmmaker Nagesh Kukunoor Pioneered Feminist Narratives Long Before Mainstream Bollywood

The female protagonists in Nagesh Kukunoor's movies are strong, independent and inspiring women. They aren't damsels in distress waiting for men to come to their rescue.

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While Slaying His Makeup Looks, This Is How Ankush Bahuguna Inspires Me!

Thanks to his makeup videos, Ankush Bahuguna is now a household name. A feminist to the core, this is why he inspires me!

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5 Empowering Movies Every Woman Should Watch

Block your weekend to binge watch these five empowering movies that any woman would love!

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Why Do Women Still Face So Many Societal, Emotional And Patriarchal Barriers Even In 2020?

Women, for years, were suppressed under patriarchy. However, now they have begun to speak up. Here's why we need to break barriers to achieve equality.

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sexism in movies
Calling Out 5 Movies Which Present Sexism So Subtly That People Hardly Notice It

Often, the subtle sexism that movies normalise, is difficult to catch, and this further affects mindsets. This needs to be called out.

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5 Strong Female Characters In Bollywood Who Shatter The Myth Of Marriage Being A Priority For Women

Bollywood movies have often projected women as being strong and independent, not in search of a husband or partner. Let's look at 5 recent ones.

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