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A Thursday
What Can Be More Evil Than A Playschool Teacher Who Takes Tots Hostage, Right? But… Is She?

Populated with complex female characters, new film A Thursday on Disney+Hotstar shatters stereotypes about women, delivering a hard-hitting feminist message.

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Putham Pudhu Kaalai Vidiyaadha Is All About Men Who Aren’t Afraid To Show Softer Emotions

New Amazon Prime anthology film Putham Pudhu Kaalai Vidiyaadha represents the rise of the ‘vulnerable’ man.

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In Short Film ‘Because I Love You’ The Woman Breaks Up With A Man Due To His Possessiveness!

Newly-released YouTube Tamil short film 'Because I Love You' sends a much-needed message about love not being about possessiveness & jealousy.

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Chhorii: Where Do All The Witches Come From?

Chhorii starring Nushrratt Bharuccha is another horror movie challenging the patriarchal standards that persist in society!

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en udambu
En Udambu: How Dare Anyone Else Try To Shame Me Using My Own Body?

New Tamil short film En Udambu is all about not letting patriarchal narratives about women’s bodies control us.

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The Yellow Festival – A Tamil Movie That Teaches Us About Not Judging Women For Their Seemingly Sexist Opinions

Centred on the traditional Tamil puberty ceremony, The Yellow Festival (Manjal Neeraattu Vizha) looks beyond the obvious when it comes to addressing sexism.

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3 Reasons Baakiyalakshmi Is Not Like Other Tamil TV Soaps And Worth Giving A Chance

Baakiyalakshmi gives us that rarest of rare things on Tamil TV - real women who are not perfect and support each other. 

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Crime Stories
True Crime Series India Detectives Shot As Events Unfold – Can Women Ever Escape Violence?

Crime Stories: India Detectives is a true crime series on Netflix that shows how there is no escaping misogyny even in death, while also giving a window into how the police operate.

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Jyothika’s 50th Film Udanpirappe Glorifies The Supposedly ‘Empowered’ Woman Never Putting Herself First!

Jyothika’s 50th film Udanpirappe sends a message: Women can be non-conforming and strong but upholding the family unit is still their most important duty!

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When Women Won’t Pretend All Is Well To Make Men Feel Good About Themselves…

No matter who is in power, it is clear that these women won’t be taking shit from anyone. They won’t sit down and pretend everything is perfect just because they are expected to.

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NET Telugu film
Why Are We, As A Society So Voyeuristic – Especially When It Comes To Women?

Telugu film NET is a movie that shows the monsters within ourselves, and actually made me a little terrified of myself! 

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South Superstar Nayanthara Makes Crime Thriller Netrikann Even More Satisfying

Netrikann is a slap in the face of victim blamers, and the message is even sweeter to listen to, because the words come directly from the mouth of a woman.

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Does Mani Ratnam’s Navarasa (9 Emotions) Have The Space For Women To Express Theirs?

This Tamil language anthology series gives us a look at how the same emotions might be expressed differently by men and women thanks to social conditioning.

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Haseen Dillruba
Haseen Dillruba Glorifies ‘Nice Guy’ Husbands Wanting ‘Homely’ Wives, But What About Her Needs?

In Haseen Dillruba, Nice GuysTM do not finish last. In fact, they get praised for their so-called niceness.

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Jagame Thandhiram: I Wish Filmmakers Stop Defining Women Characters By Their Oppression!

The love interest of the hero seemingly has a good role to play in this film, but does she really? What are we missing here?

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November Story
Comparable To Drishyam’s George Kutty, We Now Have Anu In Crime Thriller November Story

Tamil web series November Story is a drama masquerading as a crime thriller. It is a brilliant exploration of power dynamics in familial relationships.

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Karnan: A Spectacular Take On Caste, But Where Does It Stand On Issues Of Gender?

This brilliant anti-caste epic Karnan starts and ends with the image of a woman, but it does not do its female characters nearly enough justice in the middle.

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Kalyanam TO Kadhal
Fun Web Series Kalyanam TO Kadhal Tackles Themes Rarely Seen In Tamil Pop Culture

Kalyanam TO Kadhal follows a couple from friendship to marriage, highlighting issues that are rarely represented in Tamil pop culture.

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Ajeeb Daastaans
Ajeeb Daastaans Is About The Many Shades Of Human Cruelty That Also Finds Us Empathising

To be human is also to to be cruel; either deliberate or unthinking. Ajeeb Daastaans shows us how cruelty can lie in a grey area – direct oppression, and that which arises as a response.

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Paramapadham Vilayattu
This Mother Daughter Team Is The Hero In Political Thriller Paramapadham Vilayattu

Tamil film Paramapadham Vilayattu puts its female lead in the place most career women are, where they are forced to choose between family and duty. So what happens then?

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Why The Ending Of Irul That Played On The ‘Final Girl’ Trope Was Disappointing

By this point, the film has already established that Archana is not a stereotypically 'perfect' woman. The question is whether she will be punished or rewarded for it.

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Pitta Kathalu
Netflix Telugu Anthology Pitta Kathalu: Stories That ‘Morally Grey’ Women Make Their Own

Released amidst hype for being Netflix’s first Telugu original film, Pitta Kathalu (Short Stories) is all about women taking control of their narratives.

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Tanvi Johri Of Carmesi Wants You To Have Biodegradable Sanitary Pads That Don’t Harm Your Skin

Does your sanitary pad give you rashes? Do you worry about where it goes once it is discarded? With biodegradable Carmesi pads, Tanvi Johri is trying to make a difference.

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Who Is Kanimozhi? Here’s What You Should Know About Karunanidhi’s Less Visible Child

Who is Kanimozhi? Interest in the 5-time Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s slightly less visible child has peaked after his death.

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lesser known coming-of-age novels
16 Lesser Known Coming-Of-Age Novels That You Should Read

These lesser known coming-of-age novels with interesting female protagonists are not only for teenage girls, they’re for everyone. How many of these have you read?

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Indian women celebrities
15 Indian Women Celebrities Who Use Their Powerful Voice For Those Who Can’t Speak Up

Women with a voice that is heard are truly powerful. These Indian women celebrities are speaking up for those who do not have a voice and making a difference.

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Swacch Bharat Mahaan But No Public Toilets For Women Outdoors!

Men don’t face any consequences for doing it openly but women suffer from a lack of public toilets, especially if they work in outdoor spaces such as shops, markets or construction sites.

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Harry Potter
Does The Harry Potter Series Promote Rape Culture?

You may have read the Harry Potter series a thousand times, but did you notice the overlooked rape victim in it? A look at why the series promotes rape culture.

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movie remakes
Unlike Dhadak 10 Movie Remakes That Were Actually Good, Or Even Better Than the Original

We get all excited about movie remakes, only to be disappointed when we finally watch them. But some remakes don’t disappoint.

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Bollywood, Your Double Standards Show You Up With ‘Sanju’! #SlowClap

The trailer of the upcoming film Sanju has outraged several people because it is a prime example of double standards for men and women.

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Priyanka Chopra trolled
Priyanka Chopra’s Apology For Quantico Scandal Is Proof That Women Are Deemed Soft Targets

Priyanka Chopra and Sharbari Zohra Ahmed were trolled mercilessly for an episode of Quantico, that they had no role in writing. Why are women soft targets always?

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It’s 2018 And Indian Women Still Paid 30% Less Than Men: Why The Gender Pay Gap?

A recent report highlights that despite same qualifications, Indian women get paid 30% less than men. This has again brought to our notice the glaring gender pay gap that exists in the society.

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So Many ‘Strong Women’ Movies, So Few Women Writing Them…

How does Indian cinema fare in terms of female representation? And how much does it have to do with the serious lack of female writers being included?

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Newsflash! Fathers Change Diapers Too: Please, Stop The Stereotyping

A certain Facebook post which talked about the lack of diaper-changing tables in men's restrooms went viral as it highlighted the stereotype that mothers are deemed as the primary caregivers of the children.

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Ola, Stop Pussy-Footing Over The Recent Bangalore Molestation Incident

Yet another incident of molestation in an Ola cab in Bengaluru on the 1st of June has made us ask if cab service providers actually take sexual harassment and assault seriously? 

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Do These 11 Uber Popular Children’s Movies Pass the Bechdel Test? We Find Out!

We've laughed with them, we've cried over them - now, from Cinderella to Coco, let us examine whether our beloved children's movies go on to pass the Bechdel test or not. 

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Caste Matters A Whole Lot, As This Shocking Honour-Killing Incident In Educated Kerala Reveals!

The recent case of honour-killing that took place in Kerala, shook us as it is the second such case in the state which highlights that honour- killing is not confined to North India as many think. 

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Inspiring teenagers
8 Indian Women Who Rocked It, From Inspiring Teenagers To Wonder Women

We often hear tales of inspiring teenagers and kids doing great things. Here are 8 such wonder kids - read on to see what they are doing now.

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Delta: India’s First Homegrown App For LGBTQ People Hopes To Break The Taboo

India is not the most LGBTQ friendly country. But, the Delta App helps the LGBTQ  community create a space where they interact with like- minded people and form a network in a safe and secure zone.

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Low Turnout In The Women’s IPL Match: Poor Marketing Or Just Bias?

Most people have been very supportive of #IPLWomen, yet the turnout at Wankhade stadium for the first match was quite low. We need to know the inherent reasons behind the bias against Women's Cricket.

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#ToxicTwitter: This New Hashtag Is Asking Twitter To Truly Welcome Women

When women tried to express their opinions in public, they were shut down with insults. Now, history is repeating itself online. But, women are calling out to online abuse through the hashtag #ToxicTwitter.

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feminist writers
A Beginner’s Guide To Feminism In 21 Articles By Feminist Writers

Based on my own journey with feminism, I’ve put together a list of articles by feminist writers that could help if you really want to learn about it.

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These 8 Films With Unconventional Families Are A Delight To Watch. Get Started With These…

Fed up of gajar ka halwa feeding mummyjis, autocratic babujis, and their anodyne children? This list of unconventional families in Indian movies presents you with some unusual choices.

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Amoli: A New Documentary On Child Trafficking Reveals India’s Dirty Little Secret

Amoli, a new documentary on child trafficking is being released on 7th May. But what does child trafficking mean to us – the common people of India?

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sexualisation of girls
Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny: Girls Need More Choice In Clothes!

What is with the sexualisation of girls at a young age? Why do we not easily find clothes for girls that are comfortable and not 'girly'?

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Somya Sahu
Meet Somya Sahu, A Successful Athlete Who Ran Her Way Through Obstacles

“I find success in even the smallest of life’s struggles,” says Somya Sahu. Her story is one of the most interesting that you’ll ever hear.

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Sukhnidh Kaur
Sukhnidh Kaur Finds Out How Indian Schools Discriminate Against LGBTQ Students

Sukhnidh Kaur, a student of Psychology and Economics at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, conducted an interesting survey on the homophobia faced by young school students. 

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Indian women on Google Doodle
These 10 Extraordinary Indian Women Have Been Celebrated On Google Doodle Recently

In the spirit of intersectional feminism, let’s take a look at some of these amazing Indian women on Google Doodle. How many do you know?

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“Young Boys Make Mistakes”: This Parody Tweet About Salman Khan Got Me Thinking

A recent tweet attributed another ‘boys will be boys’ comment to Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav. While that turned out to be a parody, it’s a common enough attitude. Mulayam Singh Yadav is known for his infamous comment, “ladke, ladke hain… galti ho jati hai‘ (boys will be boys… they commit mistakes).” He was […]

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Cathay Pacific Allows Female Staff To Be More Comfy; How About Airlines In India?

Female flight attendants on Cathay Pacific recently won the right to wear pants on the job. But where do the airlines of India stand in this regard?

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