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With the help of words, I share my life. Words that inspire, words that touch a chord, words that share stories of battles we all fight.

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As The Newly Weds Will Find Out, Is Love Enough?

Can love fill hungry bellies, provide the bare necessities, and help a couple to “live”? And, does that love stay alive through thick and thin, in health and sickness, till death do them part?

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As Caregiver For 2 Family Members With Mental Illness, Mother’s Day For Me Is About A Different Kind Of Love…

With all the stress haunting me each moment, with no hope in sight, and with my dreams all crushed to pieces, I gave up the thought of bringing another life into my world.

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Dolly Thakore
The Elegant Dolly Thakore, On How To Have A Dream Career And Live A Full Life With No Regrets

Dolly Thakore. The very name is nostalgic of Doordarshan and blockbuster theatre productions. The newsreader who didn't seem look at any text to 'read' us the news.

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Fifty Five Pillars Red Walls
Why This 1961 Story Of A Single Woman Judged By Society Is Still Relevant After 50 Yrs

With a single woman protagonist, a hostel warden whose life is dissected by everyone as an 'oddity', Fifty Five Pillars Red Walls remains very relevant even after 50 years.

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The Last Queen
Meet The Last Queen Jindan… Commoner, Queen, Mother, Regent, & A Woman With Love For Her Mitti!

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's new book The Last Queen is an emotional narrative of Punjab's Rani Jindan, who put up a brave fight against British takeover of her kingdom.

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What We Carry by Maya Shanbagh
A Mother With Alzheimer’s, And A Daughter’s View Of What We Carry As Caregivers

What We Carry by Maya Shanbagh Lang is a memoir about mothers and daughters, lies and truths, receiving and giving care, and how we cannot grow up until we fully understand the people who raised us.

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Hemant Karkare biography
Every Mumbaikar Remembers 26/11 And Hemant Karkare. His Daughter Tells Us More

Hemant Karkare, A Daughter's Memoir, written by the braveheart’s daughter, is an account of the life of a man who lived for his country, doted upon his family, and did not think twice before taking on the terrorists on the night of 26th November 2008.

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2017 Was Not An Easy Year For Me, But Here’s What I Learnt From It

If 2017 proved to be a turbulent year for you, take heart: even the worst clouds have their silver linings that may not be evident just now.

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Why This Friend I Made In My Teens Is The Rock Solid Foundation Of My Life, And I, Hers

Friends made in the teens matter - always - no matter what, no matter the distance between the two people.

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God Help Couples Who Don’t Have Kids. Especially, The Woman!

Why is it anyone else's but the couple's or woman's decision to have a child or not? It's their life, why must the world bother?

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The Women Who Are Fighters, Even In Their Battered Shoes

We all agree that domestic abuse and violence should not be tolerated. This post examines why the reality is so different; why women fight hard, yet don't walk away.

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Do People Really Know Us?

In this reflective post, the writer rightly questions, do people around us know us? And why are we so afraid to be just ourselves.

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Through The Looking Glass: Give Patients Of Mental Illness The Support They Deserve

When we accept diabetes and cancer as 'natural' illnesses and treat the patient, why can't we support patients of mental illness as well?

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