2017 Was Not An Easy Year For Me, But Here’s What I Learnt From It

If 2017 proved to be a turbulent year for you, take heart: even the worst clouds have their silver linings that may not be evident just now.

If 2017 proved to be a turbulent year for you, take heart: even the worst clouds have their silver linings that may not be evident just now.

Eventful would be an apt word to describe the year 2017.

There were moments that tested my patience and drained me emotionally. Moments, when I lost my love, and found it, all over again. And moments that had me doubting my capabilities. In hindsight, I learnt so much from each of these, although at the time, I was too engrossed in finding ways to face the turbulent moments, or soak myself in the joyous ones.

I feel 2017 taught me a lot more than I have learnt in a long time. Maybe I am getting forgetful with age and thus fail to recall all that I learnt earlier. Or, maybe I am getting wiser with age and learning to look at the silver lining closely! I am really not sure. But, thanks to all the plans that went awry and things that went wrong, I did gain a lot of insight into Life.

I was watching a movie during lunch today, where a line spoken by an actor resonated with me.

“Bad things will happen. That’s not negotiable. But, what matters is how you deal with those bad things”

I have always been a timid person by nature. My anxiety hits the roof when things start going awry. But, over the past months I realised that it’s from those things that go wrong, and plans that do not take off that there emerges something a lot more precious and beautiful. Something we may never have anticipated. Something a lot better than what we  had wished for.

So, without further ado, let me jot down a list of lessons I learnt this year. A list I am sure to reread in the coming days to refresh my memory and remind myself that, life is like that only!

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1.Not everyone you meet will walk alongside you through your journey. Some  will leave you midway, and some you will meet when you least expected. But, none of them will be with you forever. From every soul that you meet, you will take away something precious; something that will stay with you for as long as you live. Something that will make for beautiful memories to reminisce about on a dull, rainy day! But, the bottom line is, ‘You are on your own, so learn to enjoy your company!’

2.You may lose someone you love. But, always keep the doorway to your heart wide open. The  love you lost will find its way back some time soon. All you need to do is to have faith in the Universe. It really listens, you know?

3.Most of the plans you make will not come to fruition. Be grateful they don’t, for you know not what you would have had to face! Always be ready with a Plan B.  And, have faith in the Universe! And, patience. Lots of patience.

4.Be thankful for the difficulties you face. If you are being tested, you are being perfected. It’s something I have come to believe in. Maybe we go through all the tough times that we do just so that we emerge out of it a better version of our selves. I am sure that when you look back at what you were and compare it to what you are, you will be happier and prouder of your present selves. Try it!

5.Since a few days now, I have been watching the movie, The Secret. The laws of attraction, and I highly recommend it to one and all! I couldn’t agree more with what they have to say. You attract what you get in life. For your thoughts have a magnetic power that attract the vibes you send out into the Universe. So, as difficult as it may feel, dump all the negativity in the trash bin and be positive! As cliched as it may sound, it’s a fact.  Don’t you agree?

I had been going through an all time low for quite some time now, despite being in a better space than I was earlier. Feelings of worthlessness had really left me with no hope, and worse, no respect for myself.

But, it’s in the past few days that I realised some thing: If I was to consider life as a race and compare myself with all those around me, I would only find myself in a position much lower than the others. Or, a position higher, which again isn’t the truth.

Life is not a race. Every individual here comes from a background that’s as diverse as there are individuals around us. Living life according to where we come from, based on our strength, and fighting our weaknesses to reach the goals we set for ourselves is what truly makes sense.

I really don’t know what the new year has in store for me. All I do know, is that I am going to give my best to whatever I may do, correction, whatever I may have to do. it’s going to take a lot of work, but staying positive in the face of adversities will be my mantra. So, help me God – He is one guy who will always  be by my side!

And, on that note, I bring my post to an end. See you all in the new year. I hope and pray from the bottom of my heart that the new year blesses you with peace and happiness. And, contentment – that’s what makes us truly and completely happy!

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