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10 Reasons Why I’m A Feminist

Think feminism is no longer needed? Archismita has 10 great 10 reasons for being a feminist - add yours!

I’ve seen lots of posts where people write about why they are feminist. I thought I’d do something similar. So, I wrote a list. Ten short points – although there are other reasons I’m a feminist as well.

why I am a feminist1. Killing infant females is not culture.

2. Aborting foetuses because they have vaginas is messed up.


4. Burning/torturing a woman because she didn’t pay enough dowry is a violation of human rights.

5. Being denied education because you are female is disgusting.

6. Slut shaming (or woman-hating) is never acceptable.

7. Being blamed for rape is NOT ok.

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8. “You’re such a girl” is considered an insult.

9. Acid is thrown on women’s faces because they refused a proposal.

10. There are more than two genders.

I end my piece with these words:

Read point three again. And again. Ughhhh.

Pic credit: Sigurdas (Used under a Creative Commons license)


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