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Daina Emmanuel
Daina Emmanuel On Her Career Journey Being About Patience & Passion

Daina Emmanuel, Director at Xperi, doubted herself like most working moms do, at one time in her career. She speaks about how she tackled this and rose to where she is now.

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Why The Rise Of Tradwife Culture Among Millennials & Gen Z Women Is Worrying To Feminists!

The tradwife. A seemingly innocuous but dangerous phenomenon that can be all kinds of problematic for a feminist growth of society.

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Let’s Choose Comfort And Wear The Bra Only If WE Want!

The bra carries the perfect irony- there are tons of rules about it, so many fights about it and yet we’ve got to hide it. 

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trial rooms
Are Trial Rooms Really As Private As We Think Them To Be? Will They Survive Post COVID?

Trial rooms have always been fraught - a tiny private area in a public space. How are they perceived by women depending on their identity on the gender spectrum? Will they survive post COVID?

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mothers with disability
3 Mothers With Disability Say The Fault Is In Society’s Expectations Of Us

A mother isn’t automatically bestowed with answers to every question, or 'motherly' abilities, the moment they become one. Mothers with disability are just as valid.

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5 Simple Rules To Master The Sis Code Of Perfect Female Friendship

Men have the 'Bro code', do women have a ‘Sis Code’? Yes, here are the secret rules of being the perfect female friend.

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Paalaguttapalle bags
How Paalaguttapalle Bags Gave Dalit Women In An Andhra Village A Life Of Dignity

Paalaguttapalle bags is a women run business, known for its canvas bags. It also symbolises the untapped capabilities of those who are written off as ‘unfortunate’.

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ovarian cancer
Ovarian Cancer Is Called The ‘Silent Killer’ As It’s Not Easily Diagnosed Early

Why is Ovarian Cancer, easy to treat in early stages, hardly ever diagnosed until it is nearly too late? What should we know about this 'silent killer' of women?

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Love Thy Neighbour, Unless They’re 30+y.o. Unmarried Women Who Ask For Help

When this family wanted to take their car out after 10.30 pm to get post surgery meds for their daughter, neighbours abused them and their 2 daughters who are 30+ years old.

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Subhadra Sen Gupta
COVID Claims Subhadra Sen Gupta, Celebrated Author Of Fun Historical Books For Children

Subhadra Sen Gupta never underestimated children, for whom she wrote her books, making History fun, as it should be taught to us.

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Covaxin or covishield
Covaxin Or Covishield? Here’s A Simple Primer Of The Facts You Should Know

Covaxin or Covishield? This is the question everyone has on their minds. And what about the new Sputnik vaccine from Russia that might be available?

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These Stories Are About Women’s Struggles With PCOS, But Of Our Strength Too

While PCOS brings women many challenges, these stories serve to build us up and reassure us - that we will be okay.

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Neelu Mehta’s Murder Begs The Question Why Do Women Still Need To Fight For Their Space?

Neelu Mehta's brutal murder by her husband has shaken people to their core. How many shocking incidents do we need to bring about change?

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ASHA & Anganwadi Workers – The Critical Yet Ignored Women At The Frontiers Of COVID

Often insulted and abused, ASHA workers often bear the brunt of the community’s distrust and grievances towards the government.

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7 Myths About Female Orgasms We NEED To Bust!

Female orgasms are a mystery to many (including women)  but they definitely do not need to be. Here are 7 myths we’ve demystified for you!

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Because Girls Often Go Through Their Lives Feeling ‘Invisible’ Unless There’s Work To Be Done

Neha Singh’s recent release Is it the same for you? challenges the idea that children’s books shouldn’t tackle ‘difficult’ themes, while beautifully capturing the universality of young girls’ experiences

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One More Way To Restrict Women: MP CM’s Proposal That Women Be ‘Tracked For Their Own Safety’

Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan offers yet more 'control' of women's lives by proposing a tracker app 'for their own safety', compulsory for all women who go out of home.

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What The Show Bridgerton Can Teach Indian Women About Being A ‘Good Bride’

The show Bridgerton did give us a peep into British high society, but also mirrored the pressures 21st century Indian women face in the market of arranged marriages.

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