7 Myths About Female Orgasms We NEED To Bust!

Female orgasms are a mystery to many (including women)  but they definitely do not need to be. Here are 7 myths we’ve demystified for you!

Female orgasms are a mystery to many (including women)  but they definitely do not need to be. Here are 7 myths we’ve demystified for you!

From assumptions that “women don’t really need sex” to beliefs that “women shouldn’t care so much about pleasure” – there are a host of myths when it comes to women and their sexuality.

And as for female orgasms, what’s that, say many…

In this piece, I try and bust many of these myths about female orgasms. If many women find them elusive, chances are it’s because we have all been conditioned to consider women’s sexual pleasure as immaterial. 

This piece is part of a series called #PleasureMatters. Stay tuned for more such posts on women’s sexual pleasure. 

Women cannot actually orgasm

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In fact, the clitoris is the only organ (across male and female human bodies) that solely exists for sexual pleasure.

However, according to a popular Durex ad, 70% of Indian women do not orgasm during intercourse. Well, many women never never experiencing one does not mean a woman is biologically incapable of orgasms.

Sex toys like vibrators, damage your clitoris

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Using vibrators won’t ‘desensitise’ your vagina to pleasure although what can happen is that other forms of stimulation may pale in comparison.  

Speaking of the clitoris, we only see a bit of the clitoris – the little button. The entire structure (about 10 cms) is hidden underneath. 

Penetrative sex is enough for women to orgasm 

Kinda not true !

While women can orgasm through a myriad of ways, penetrative sex is usually not enough for most women to orgasm. Some form of clitoral stimulation, especially during foreplay, really helps. Talk to your partner to communicate your own desires and needs. 

The condom is the death of female orgasms

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Totally, completely and utterly FALSE.

Condoms not only help in preventing the spread of diseases, and reduce worries about unwanted pregnancy, but can also make sex more pleasurable, with added features like lube or ribbing.

We suggest using condoms even when sharing sex toys!

Once the man orgasms, that’s the end then

Not true!

Sex is not just for one person (and not just between a man and a woman). A good sexual experience means everyone gets their pleasure (whatever that may mean for the individual). Partners should definitely communicate with each other about what they want. 

The g-spot doesn’t matter

Definitely a myth!

Research has found that women have the g-spot, but may respond to stimulation differently; like with most sexual experiences, it needs to be discovered and learnt. 

Women’s orgasms aren’t as important as men’s


In many societies, it is considered that women need to have sex only to get pregnant. Pleasurable sex is only for men apparently. However, women have desires and do have sex for the pleasure it can bring. 

Unfortunately, such myths and the dominance of men in the world of sex means women often never experience orgasms or even fake them for the satisfaction of their partner.

Further, our societies are steeped with heteronormative ideas about sex when, in fact, sex is diverse, complex and preferences vary. Everyone deserves to experience pleasure – the time has come for women to own their sexuality. 

Top image is from the Hindi movie Lust Stories

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