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Pleasurable Casual Sex With Full Consent Taught Me To Connect More Deeply & Honestly With My Partners

We are often told that our 'value' diminishes with each person we give ourselves to sexually, but I believe pleasurable, casual sex with full consent made me a better, more honest, and deeply caring person. 

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Dear Society, You Had Chained Me To Your ‘Sanskaars’, But I Broke Them To Feel Beautiful Again!

As someone who had conformed to social expectations of a 'good woman', I had lost out on so much. I 'discovered' myself again when I let go of these chains after my recent separation. 

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Haseen Dillruba Glorifies ‘Nice Guy’ Husbands Wanting ‘Homely’ Wives, But What About Her Needs?
Haseen Dillruba

In Haseen Dillruba, Nice GuysTM do not finish last. In fact, they get praised for their so-called niceness.

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How Not To Let Porn Take Over Your Relationships And Sex Life

Don’t expect your real-life sex life to be like the one in the porn movie. That’s not possible, and neither should that kind of expectation be laden on to your partner.

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You Fear Women Like Us Who Voice Our Opinions And Aren’t Afraid Of Owning Our Sexuality

Not to be outdone, the journalist continued. “You have mentioned it’s an erotic genre. And then an ex-lover. Don’t you think your female protagonist is behaving like a whore?”

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7 Myths About Female Orgasms We NEED To Bust!

Female orgasms are a mystery to many (including women)  but they definitely do not need to be. Here are 7 myths we’ve demystified for you!

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