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Why Do Indian Women Find It So Hard To Talk About Their Sexual Needs With Husbands?

It is also important to understand how men perceive this, and why women asking for sex and orgasms rock the boat of patriarchy. In a typical marriage, sex is important as much as the man wants it.

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Nothing Serious Tells Us Women Who Love Sex Are Not Deviant In Any Way

Goofy, sexy, enjoyable… Watch Korean movie Nothing Serious simply for its female lead who owns her sexuality, and her life.

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Desire, love, laughter and searing passion merge to create a love with no promises..

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Why Does Society Fear Women Owning Their Bodies So Much?

Women’s sexuality has always been an area for grave concern, a matter of suspicion and a subject of stringent regulation.

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Why Do Indian Women Fake Orgasms?
fake orgasms

"I don't know," she started to say, "I just never have been able to have an orgasm with someone before. It's not like I don't enjoy sex, I just feel like it's hotter for him if I... finish. Faking orgasms is just easier."

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Parents! Let’s Be Open To Talking About Sex With Daughters; About Emotions & Needs…

We miss all of this when we talk to our daughters, and only worry about teen pregnancy, protection, and lie to tell them that we had sex much later in life – the usual nonsense of an Indian Family.

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