4 Ways The New Bold Care Ad Should Empower Both Women And Men To Speak Of Pleasure

The recent Bold Care ad breaks some long standing taboos in Indian society about women's sexual pleasure and erectile dysfunction in men.

The co-owner of the new sexual health brand – Bold Care, Ranveer Singh, recently shared that he wants to focus at creating awareness amongst people about men’s sexual health and aims to provide a tangible solution to millions of people across the country. The new Bold Care ad which was dropped last week has taken the internet by storm. Netizens are ogling at the ad and cannot stop talking about it and how?

The Bold Care ad has created a buzz for multiple reasons. One, because of the unexpected collaboration between the A-list Bollywood actor and co-owner of the brand – Ranveer Singh and (wait for it… drumrolls please) the adult film star Johnny Sins.

People were not ready to see Johnny Sins in an Indian commercial ad and had their jaws dropped to the floor when they saw him dressed in a blue kurta and a golden coat and tie acting in a saas-bahu rip off. The internauts have claimed this unusual duo as the biggest crossover ever – bigger than Deadpool and Wolverine coming together! Second, the ad aims to normalise the stigma related to men’s sexual wellbeing and the ease with which it can be addressed.

The ad wonderfully deals with the tabooed topic by combining humour and satire at its best. The audiences have been left in splits for the ad has been made as a parody on the K-series Indian drama which were popular in early 21st century to deliver their message. It has not shied away from using dramatic dialogues, exaggerated scenes and amplified background effects for the perfect travesty.

People have gone gung-ho over the ad but there are also some who are disappointed by their marketing collaboration and technique. Personally, for me, this ad seems to have addressed a lot of issues intentionally or unintentionally.

First, the Bold Care ad normalizes talking about men’s sexual health

The fact that the ad-scene happens in front of the entire family, will slowly help shift the mindset of people in accepting this as any other physical ailment. Just like how earlier, menstrual cycle of a woman was spoken about in hush tones but now with time people have learnt to regard it as a normal human phenomenon. Similarly, this ad will help men come out of the closet regarding their sexual problems and talk about it more openly and casually than they do it now.

Second, the ad busts myths about men’s performance during sex

The ad busts the belief that a person is not manly enough if he is dependent on medications or external help for performance in bed

The ad shows, the role played by the star of adult film industry has no qualms in taking a pill for his sexual problem. This would help remove the hesitation that men have about the same.

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Third, we get the real stats about men being unable to perform

Ranveer Singh relays a fact at the end of the Bold Care ad, “4 out of 10 men are unable to perform in bed but what most men don’t know that it is very common and very easy to solve”. Most men find it hard to accept the problem because of the shame and apparent “manliness” attached to it. But if men are educated enough to know that this a very common problem and there is no shame about it then it will be easier for them to seek out relevant help.

Recently my best friend’s sister went through a divorce. And one of the major reasons for it was her husband’s non-performance in bed. She tried hard to get him to see a professional but it was very difficult for him to even accept his condition leave alone see a professional. This led to further stress on him for performance in bed, leading to a larger failure. I now wish that this ad had come out a bit earlier. Maybe it would have helped him understand that many men face this issue and that he is not the only one with this problem. It may have broaden his thinking and given him the courage to accept it and take corrective action. It may have improved and saved their relationship. This ad may help change perspectives from a negative to a more inclusive one making it easier for men to talk about their problems and achieve better solutions for better delivery in bed.

Fourth, the burden of silence on women about their need for pleasure is broken

But my favourite part about the ad was the fact how boldly Kishu had expressed her dissatisfaction with her husband. The ad has an undertone about women pleasure and has even normalised it. Women have right to satisfaction in bed and it should be taken more seriously. Though Bollywood has experimented with such issues in Lust Stories, but this ad comes as a reminder that even women have needs and their partner should take care (or as the ad says Bold Care) of fulfilling her needs.

Last but not the least, this ad provides an insight into the fact that for every sexual act failure it is not always a woman’s fault, as the society assumes, but it can be a man’s problem too. Proper investigation should be done before simply blaming a woman and forcing her to undergo various treatments.

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