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Apeksha Solanki

A Chartered Accountant by qualification but a writer by passion. Apeksha has authored the book 'GST For The Layman - How It Impacts Your Daily Life' published by Bloomsbury.

Voice of Apeksha Solanki

The Anti-Aunty Factor – Why Is It So Annoying To Be Called ‘Aunty’?

I've never had any issues with anyone calling me 'aunty. And I wonder what was it was about the word that annoys people so much!

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If Sex With Your Partner Becomes Boring, Why Not Try Out These Unexpected Ways?

In a happy, committed relationship, how far are you willing to go to keep the sexual spark alive, and how do you deal with any fallout?

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3 Things I Learnt About Role Models & (Not) Following Them Unthinkingly

Simply copying your role model can lead you to lose confidence in yourself. Instead, learn to apply the best from many people!

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The Uninvited Guest

And then finally I found my fairy Godmother who named this dark evil demon as ‘Anxiety Disorder’.

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