What Makes For A ‘Strong Woman’? This 9-Point Answer May Surprise You…

What do the words strong woman mean to you? A surprising look at the concept that will blow away all your stereotypes.

What do the words strong woman mean to you? A surprising look at the concept that will blow away all your stereotypes.

“Strong women don’t cry and show their emotions, others can take advantage of your weakness”- Ever heard of these statements coming from people who think they know you the best?

This makes me wonder: how do you actually define a Strong Woman?

We have different notions in our mind about ‘strong women, and we often find ourselves celebrating the strong and successful woman in all forums. What doesn’t get celebrated or acknowledged is the other aspect of being a strong woman.

I really want to explore this other aspect of being ‘strong’ which gets overshadowed most of the times. This is because we don’t value those traits in modern times, where everything seems to be measured in a materialistic way, but I strongly believe that this is something which we need to applaud and cheer. Let’s explore this other side of being a Strong Woman….

Resilience and a never-give-up attitude

No matter how many times I have failed in life, I have always come back even stronger and more resilient. I am standing before you with my head held high and ready to take on any curve balls thrown at me by life. This is what defines a Strong Woman.

Zero tolerance of injustice towards me and others

I don’t tolerate and encourage any kind of unjust behavior with myself but also whenever I see others treated unjustly, I raise my voice. Being Strong doesn’t only mean safeguarding yourself and your interests but also equally raising your voice for the ones who cannot stand up for themselves.

Being sensitive is not a weakness

I am not an emotional fool if I show my emotions and openly express myself. I don’t want my emotions bottled up inside me, I want to share my feelings with others- How does that makes me weak?

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It takes courage to openly express yourself and I don’t see it a weakness. If I show empathy towards someone and I feel the pain of others, I am not an ‘oversensitive’ person. I consider this as my strength and should be proud of the same.

Striking a balance between Practicality and Emotionality

I am a strong woman when I know how to balance being practical and when to show compassion and love. I know when I should take care of my interests and protect myself selfishly, and when to show love and affection to do things for others selflessly. Protecting my interests, my loved ones, my passion along with protecting others who are in need is what defines a strong woman.

Being true to myself

I am true to myself and my feelings. I don’t put up a show showing others that I am happy and contended but inside I am filled with all negative thoughts about myself and people around me. Everyone has their own demons to fight and being true to yourself is what keeps the fighting spirit going.

Keeping alive the spirit to live

I am fighting day in and out with an unbroken spirit against a life-threatening disease, as I am a strong woman, but it also needs strength when I take care of my loved ones who need special care and attention, and I don’t shy away from responsibilities. This selfless act of standing up for people in their hour of need makes me a Stronger woman.

Seeking help is no sign of weakness

I am a Strong woman who will not shy away from asking for help when I see myself drowning head deep in a whirlpool of sorrow or struggling with my depressing thoughts, seeking help from friends and loved ones to pull me out of a grave situation will not make me less strong. We all need a helping hand in some phase of life or other and reaching out for that hand is not a sign of weakness.

Integrity and work ethics in a workplace

I am a strong woman who goes an extra mile to maintain her integrity and follow the principles set by her in life and not merely by the society. By not giving up on my work ethics and integrity I am challenged every day to survive in a competitive workplace but what makes me stronger is the belief that I am being true to myself and my work no matter what.

Growing as an individual

I am a strong woman and an even stronger human being, because I am making deliberate effort every day to grow as an individual and learn from my past experiences without holding any grudges for anyone. I’m trying to achieve a wholesome life which is a right balance between mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. This is making me a stronger person every-day in my life.

We know many such strong women around, let’s try to applaud and encourage them, else we might as well lose the human side and aspect of being a Strong and Successful woman!

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