Nidhi Sharma

An HR professional who keeps shifting between being a homemaker and a career woman. Currently residing in USA, I love to travel across places,meet new people and understand new cultures.I like sharing my thoughts and views with people around and what better place than this, so let a new journey begin!!

Voice of Nidhi Sharma

Women Returning To Work After A Break Deserve Your Complete Support – Here’s Why

Women returning to work after a break need (and deserve) complete support and understanding from both families and organisations. Here's why such support is our right to demand!

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A Short Letter Which I Hope My Daughter Will NEVER Write To Me…

The things we tell a girl about herself, her body, her life, her 'destiny' can restrict her potential. This mother promises to never do this to her daughter, and hence break the cycle of patriarchal conditioning.

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Think You’re A Genuine, Honest Person? Bet You’re Still One Of 7 Types Of ‘Fake’ Women

You're sure you are a woman who doesn't believe in 'fake it till you make it', right? You may still fall in one of these categories of 'fake' women!

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strong woman
What Makes For A ‘Strong Woman’? This 9-Point Answer May Surprise You…

What do the words strong woman mean to you? A surprising look at the concept that will blow away all your stereotypes.

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Am I Setting Up My Daughter For Heartache By Giving Her A Rosy, Unrealistic View Of Life?

A mother wonders: Am I doing the right thing by asking my daughter to focus on her career? Or will she be faced with the same dilemma as me, because boys are not brought up feminist?

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hasee toh phansee
A Handy Guide For Boys And Men In 7 Points: Cut Out Crap Like ‘Hansee Toh Phasee’

A popular misconception that a girl doesn't really say what she means and that she can be worn down by 'persisting' needs to be junked, NOW.

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When All You Need Is That Number In Your Phone Book!

My mind and heart were constantly in a conflict about how I can turn the tables of my life and I felt utterly worthless and depressed.

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be that friend
All I Need Is A Friend I Can Talk To Without Being Judged. Can You Be That Friend?

A call out to all women out there who are privileged in some way, to lend their ears, hands, should, hearts, and words to those who are not so fortunate.

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Why Are Women And Girls In This Horrible Situation In India? Let’s Reason Out

We are all saturated with horrible news of brutal crime against women and girls in India. Can we think of why this is happening though?

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parent of a girl
I Dream Of My Daughter’s Marriage Too, But Just A Little Differently…

I refuse to be put at a 'disadvantage' just because I'm the parent of a girl. It is time we looked differently at marriage and its traditions.

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Parents, Here’s How You Can Help Your Kids Say BOO To The Fear Of Failing Exams

Exam stress. Fear of failure. Student suicides. What can parents do (and not do) to ensure that their kids do not fall prey to this seasonal epidemic?

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say NO
Why It Is Crucial That A Daughter MUST Have The Right To Her Opinion

Teaching to say NO to sexual harassment begins at home, when we do not tamp down our daughters' voices by letting them express their opinions.

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