“Talk To Your Boys About Periods, It’s Important” Says Actor Renuka Shahane

It is important to talk to your boys about periods. Actor Renuka Shahane tells you why in this powerful post.

Talk to your boys about periods. Even about the mood swings. Actor Renuka Shahane tells you why in this powerful post.

“Mujhe aapse kuch kehna hai! kaise kahoon…..” is what actress, activist and journalist Renuka Shahane said in an advertisement for a leading sanitary napkin brand, in which she modelled many years ago. This question reflects the dilemma most Indian women face when they go to buy sanitary napkins every month.

But the dilemma, from over two decades ago, has now cleared off and the ‘hush-hush’ around the topic of menstruation has disappeared.

This is evident from Ms. Shahane’s recent Facebook post that also has a video embed. In the video, we can see that she is going through visible mood swings; her sons discussing about their mother’s flustered behaviour; exchanging glances and nodding at each other in an understanding way.

The video, written and directed by Shahane herself, has been tagged as #HeForShe, the epilogue being, Talk to Your Boys! Period. In the introduction of the video, Ms. Shahane stresses on the importance of educating children on the biological, emotional and physiological changes that accompanies the monthly cycle.

This is, quite frankly, a bold step for an Indian woman. Teaching her sons the meaning of PMSing and the genuine emotional and physical distress that follows it, Ms Renuka Shahane has indeed set the bar high.

Shahane’s video has received positive feedback from her fans and followers on Facebook. Both her female as well as male followers have praised her for breaking the glass ceiling and educating her teenage boys about menstruation and it’s effect on women.

She says in her post,“Mothers are supposed to be superhuman but I believe one should humanize oneself. I believe it’s a good thing to talk about hormonal fluctuations & whatever one is going through during one’s periods with the men at home. Include the boys in this conversation when they reach 11 or 12. They are old enough to understand & it’s wonderful when they are compassionate, kind & supportive of any physical, psychological problems that affect one which in turn affects them too. Let’s stop whispering about our periods! “

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This is indeed a very inspiring message in parenting for all parents, especially parents who have sons, to take note of. Period education is not only important for girls, but it is equally important for boys too.

Read her full post here:

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Image: By Jagire (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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