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10 Kashmiri Women Achievers That Make Us Proud!

People of Kashmir haven't been much in mainstream media, so here are 10 Kashmiri women achievers we should know about to correct that oversight.

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to be a feminist
Hey, Peeps! What Is It To Be A Feminist?

After all being said and done, the question remains, “What is it like to be a feminist?" I tried finding out what today's college students think.

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Watching The Women’s Cricket World Cup? 5 Women Cricketers To Cheer On!

With the Women's Cricket World Cup on, it's time to look at five Indian women cricketers who are at the top of their game. Here are the star players you need to know about!

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Saas Bahu Serials Are So Old School. Enter Icchaadhaari Nagins & Houseflies

Hindi Television has moved on from old genres of melodrama and saas-bahu, but are we loving the shift? What's new on the telly?

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The Ambubachi Mela Begins: Here’s To Celebrating (?) Menstruation

Celebrating fertility, worshiping the Yoni and revering menstruation- the source and giver of life. Read on to find more about the Ambubachi Mela.

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I’ve Grown Up Seeing My Parents Fight. Please Don’t Do This To Your Kids

Watching your parents fight can be traumatic for children of all ages. Read this heartfelt note from a young woman and stop - just stop.

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This Change.Org Petition Urges The Government To Arrest Nancy Jha’s Murderers Soon

Violence against women is all too common in almost all parts of the country. Yet, some cases like that of Nancy Jha make us stop at the horror of it all.

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So Many People Suspect Rape Victims. Including This Uber Exec…

Many believe that a woman who reports rape, is only doing this for ulterior reasons? Uber exec Eric Alexander did the same.

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#LetHerSpeak: When A Female Scientist Needed An Audience Member To Stand Up For Her!

With women now leading experts in every single field, why does so much mansplaining still happen? Here's why #LetHerSpeak is trending as we speak.

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Renuka Shahane
“Women Are Strong. Period!” Says Renuka Shahane

Renuka Shahane is not just an actor, but also a screenwriter and director, plus a mother and a woman who believes in being vocal about social issues.

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fast food recipes
10 Mouthwatering Fast Food Recipes You’ll Love – Yes, I’m Not Hanging Around In The Kitchen!

Entertaining a bunch of friends, and wanting to impress them with how adept you are at cooking? Try these fast food recipes.

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Samina Mahmood
Talking To Samina Mahmood, The Amazing Woman Who Built An Iconic School From A Humble Beginning In Her Garage

Samina Mahmood began her school with a vision and a handful of students, and it has grown into a second home for the students she has known and loved over the years.

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normal sexuality
How The ‘Normal’ For Sexuality Has Evolved Over the Past Few Decades in India

Is there a thing called normal sexuality? Has the awareness about the LGBT+ community evolved over the past few decades in India? India boasts of having the highest number among the youth population in the whole world. This supposedly highly opinionated and headstrong chunk of our society has so much to offer on so many […]

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Polycystic Kidney Disease
Living With Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) In India Can Be Harrowing, As The Experience Of Pragati Adhikari Shows

Are you a woman living with Polycystic Kidney Disease in India? There is not much awareness, the only treatment being symptomatic, followed by dialysis and kidney transplant.

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quick dinner recipes
As A Student Living On Campus, I Swear By These Quick Dinner Recipes

An on-campus student who is always hungry and in search of quick dinner recipes that s/he can experiment on to get away from the rather tasteless mess/hostel food? Read on.

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Movies And Books Make Us Feel Crime Against Women Is ‘Normal’. Here’s Why

Crime against women as shown in movies and books certainly impacts how we think of it - what we recognise as a crime, and who we think is a criminal.

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marriage or live in
Marriage Or Live In? 5 Reasons Why One Of These Is Preferred By Today’s Youth

Marriage or live in? What could be the reasons for this seemingly sudden trend where the two are options? We spoke to some people in their 20s.

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Anaarkali Of Aarah Promises To Continue The Trend Of Women-Led Movies, and We’re All For It!

Anaarkali Of Aarah promises to be an interesting watch; we are certainly thrilled that movies revolving around the lead female actor are no longer unusual.

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Olivia Gatwood’s ‘Ode To My Bitch Face’ Slams Patriarchy Royally!

Olivia Gatwood's 'Ode To My Bitch Face' is a two-minute slam poem that exposes how women’s bodies are constantly subjected to the approval of men.

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Siminder Kaur’s Fight To Get Her Son Back Is An Inspiration For Many Women

Siminder Kaur fought relentlessly to get her son back. Her indomitable spirit gives hope to women around the world that some fights are worth fighting for!

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Have You Watched These 20 Oscar Winning Movies That Pass The Bechdel Test?

Oscars 2017 are on this Sunday, 26th February! Check out these Oscar winning movies that pass the Bechdel Test, which are few and far between.

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CBFC Refuses To Clear ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ Because ‘Sanskaari’ Women Cannot Have Sexual Fantasies!

The notoriously conservative Indian Censor Board has refused to clear the feminist movie 'Lipstick Under My Burkha' for being too 'lady oriented'!

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When Kangana Ranaut Appeared On Koffee With Karan, She Owned The Stage Like A ‘Queen’!

When Kangana Ranaut appeared on Koffee with Karan, she not only stole Karan Johar's thunder but also slammed him royally like a 'Queen'.

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Leading The Way By Example – Inspiring Story Of A 79 Year Old Woman

Life is good when you live it on your terms and this remarkable 79 year old woman is leading by example. Here's her story.

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“Girls, Do Not Quit Your Career For Marriage” Urges Usman Ghani In His Twitter Post

Witnessing his friend's life being ruined in front of his eyes, Usman Ghani urges women not to quit careers for marriage in his Twitter post.

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dealing with an ex boyfriend
Help! How Do I Go About Dealing With An Ex Boyfriend I See Everyday?

Dealing with an ex boyfriend on an everyday basis as he might be a colleague or one among your regular circle? Here's what to do.

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stand up comedy videos
5 Must Watch Stand Up Comedy Videos That Do Not Depend On Sexist Humour To Be Funny!

Gone are the days when stand up comedy videos used aggressive and sexist humour to get giggles and laughs! Check these out.

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red flags in a relationship
10 Red Flags In A Relationship That Can Mean Trouble; Do You Recognise Them?

How can one understand if a relationship is going downhill? What are the things or situations that can be read as the red flags in a relationship?

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Valentine's Day Gifts For All: From Rs 100 To Rs 10,000!
Valentine’s Day Gifts For All: From Rs 100 To Rs 10,000!

Find here some hand-picked last minute Valentine Day gifts for all pockets, from Rs 100 to Rs 10,000 that can still get delivered.

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Gender Stereotypes Broken Because #ShePersisted – Bravo, Artist Courtney Privett!

In India or abroad, whenever a woman stood up and challenged gender stereotypes, she has been warned and told to shut up, but nevertheless #ShePersisted.

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“Talk To Your Boys About Periods, It’s Important” Says Actor Renuka Shahane

It is important to talk to your boys about periods. Actor Renuka Shahane tells you why in this powerful post.

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loss of virginity
Loss Of Virginity Not A Big Deal For Girls On Indian Campuses; Consent Is Key

While a loss of virginity was considered bad earlier, today's college girls may be facing pressure of a different kind - to lose their virginity - to seem cool.

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social expectations from women
Ditch The Social Expectations From Women: Put Yourself First Instead

Social expectations from women have always been there, but it is important to be answerable to your self first. Love your self first.

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