When Kangana Ranaut Appeared On Koffee With Karan, She Owned The Stage Like A ‘Queen’!

When Kangana Ranaut appeared on Koffee with Karan, she not only stole Karan Johar's thunder but also slammed him royally like a 'Queen'.

When Kangana Ranaut appeared on Koffee with Karan, she not only stole Karan Johar’s thunder but also slammed him royally like a ‘Queen’.

The Sunday episode of Koffee with Karan saw the Nawaab – Saif Ali Khan and the Queen of Bollywood – Kangana Ranaut come together. Labelled as the ‘Most Royal Episode’ of Koffee with Karan by the show host Karan Johar himself, the show saw some explosive remarks made public.

The episode had the usual – Karan Johar’s style, Saif Ali Khan’s charm, and Shahid Kapoor’s surprise entry, but the star of the show was Kangana Ranaut, who owned it, hands down! She was her brutal best, taking honest digs at KJo, and leaving no room for him to salvage himself from the damage. Kangana’s stance on both private and public things were so honest and powerful that at one point Johar had to admit (that too not so subtly) that Kangana has really attacked him on his show this time.

She makes it clear that she doesn’t want to follow the world of limelight blindly. When asked if she ever feels as if she might be losing on popularity because of her absence from award shows, social media and advertising world, she simply says that in order to get something, one has to let go of some other things.

Speaking more about why she has dissed social platforms to share her private life, she adds that in order to get away from the kind of ‘psychic vulnerability’ and nakedness in front of the audiences, there are moments that she, and, for that matter, many movie stars might feel possessive about.

As an actor, she asserts the importance of creative conflicts. She believes that an actor’s job is not only to follow the instructions and act like a puppet but also collaborating and taking part in everything that goes into making the movie.

The best part, however, of this episode was the kind of open responses filled with ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude to questions in the Koffee Shots and the Rapid Fire round. Her extremely vocal and clear-cut responses about being kissed by a same-sex person were, quite frankly, very mature as compared her companion’s seemingly homophobic attitude.

Another thing to watch out for in this episode was the way she portrayed herself as a person — one who is capable of holding some grudges but equally capable of channelizing them tactfully so that she doesn’t offend anyone. Ergo, her replies, or as Johar chose to call them, “attacks” seemed pretty fit for someone who may have had been more than a little too much critical of your work!

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All in all, Kangana Ranaut is not just a pretty face! She is, indeed, one of the rarest and the finest examples of beauty with brains! Wish her more power and success in life.

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