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single women in the pandemic
“I Felt Helpless, But Am Standing Strong” Share Single Women In The Pandemic

While the world seems to have gone crazy out there with COVID, here are stories of 4 single women in the pandemic who're not giving up.

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‘Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter!’ Most Indian Women Are Told, But Should She Follow This ‘Rule’?

"Talking about rape in a marriage? That in itself is preposterous; and which decent woman speaks about such stuff like 'sexual gratification' in the open let alone write? Look for a decent job."

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She Rejected Him Years Ago For A Stellar Career; His Crude Rant Today Is Proof She Was Right!

On a 'confessions' Facebook group, a man just ranted about a woman who rejected him years ago, choosing a dream career and life instead, in a case of sour grapes.

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Being Single Can Be More Liberating And Fulfilling Than You Imagined!

Being a single woman is not as rare as you might think. Neither is it an unhappy experience. 

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As She Savoured Her First Day As A Free Woman After The Divorce…

Aaradhna walked into the kitchen. All these years, she made filter coffee on an auto pilot mode, because he liked it. She was more of a tea person; rather a ginger tea person.

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Single Women, Double Burden: The Lockdown Has Been Very Hard On Us
single women during lockdown

Single women dealing with the lockdown, either living alone or taking care of kids or of elderly and ill parents, have unique challenges, especially in Indian society.

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