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Sumaa Tekur
Living Solo By Choice, I Realised Society’s Deep Need To Protect Male Privilege! 

A few months into living alone, I realized that I had unknowingly and unintentionally offended the traditionalists by living in my own space, minding my own business, and paying my own bills.

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I Don’t Ever Want Babies, Just My Painful Bleeding Under Control… But My Doc Won’t Agree!

My doctor is reluctant to do the necessary surgery on me since I’ve never had surgery before, and because I’m 46, single, and have no babies... WHYYY?!

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I Don’t Need Men Or Marriage, And Am Happy Living The Single Life!

My life was very different and much more exciting than all of theirs. I had chosen to remain single, despite the coaxing and threatening that my parents and relatives showered upon me.

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Who Bought You ‘That Wedding Ring’?
Who Bought You 'That Wedding Ring'?

“Are you married?” he asked in an urgent and angry tone, and without waiting for an answer he continued desperately. “Please listen. It took me five bad years of a failed marriage to realize that only you and I are meant to be."

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My Solo Date With Pathaan On Valentine’s…

I have always heard my mother say that a woman is incomplete without a man. That's what society would like women to believe.

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Even After Years Of Marriage, You Can Still Be Lonely!

Grief was strange. Weeks would go by without her even thinking of Deep, and suddenly a memory would pop up and totally overwhelm her.

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