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3 Absolutely Atrocious Statements Single Women Get To Hear At Work

Why is being single considered to be a vulnerable state or a state of being dependent, weak, and unprotected? And more importantly, what do these men think what 'help' they are intending to offer?

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Madam, A Single Working Woman Is A Big ‘No-No’ In This Housing Society!

The housing authorities have no right to ask pestering questions or judge a single working woman based on her personal choices. Thoughts?

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It’s Hard To Cope With Life When It Gets Derailed… Are We Equipped To Do That?

When my marriage ended in my mid 30s the set pattern of my life suddenly broke down, and made me think - do we really equip ourselves to deal with unexpected changes like these, growing up?

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Think, Women, Is Marriage Really Necessary? Coz Indian Marriages Benefit Only The Men

And this is what I am truly glad for, that women of today can tell the younger women or their separated/ divorced sisters - you DON'T NEED a man!

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It Wasn’t Her Home Anymore, And It Was Now Time To Go…

The last two words stung her ears like a sharp knife. Yes, that was the reality and she knew it quite well. She had moved on. Yet it was hurting. This was what Mamoni had advised her years ago.

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How Does A Single Woman Hitting Her 40s Fare In The Urban Jungle Of Romantic Relationships?
Manspotting Ritu Bhatia

Even as the numbers of single women increase in urban India, the scales have always been tipped in the favour of men, leaving an educated, opinionated, thinking woman, scratching her head at all the stereotypes that she meets.

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