10 Mouthwatering Fast Food Recipes You’ll Love – Yes, I’m Not Hanging Around In The Kitchen!

Entertaining a bunch of friends, and wanting to impress them with how adept you are at cooking? Try these fast food recipes.

Entertaining a bunch of friends, and wanting to impress them with how adept you are at cooking? Try these fast food recipes.

An evening get together with friends is one of the most cherished and most awaited events for some. Naturally, when friends come together, including other things, gorging on yummy snacks becomes the norm.

Here are ten fast food recipes through which you can both impress your friends feed them to their heart’s fill.

Bombay Chapati Sandwich

A new kind of roti-sabzi combination in the form of a sandwiched structure with green chutney and cheese is one of those fast food recipes that are sure to leave your friends in awe of your cooking magic.

Chana Zor Garam

Let’s follow our roots and enjoy the extremely chatpata and spicy taste of chana zor garam, a street food that used to be the favourite snack to gorge on to bide one’s time on a lazy evening. Make it, and give it your own special twist by experimenting with various sauces and ketchup.

Bread Pizza

Bread is a thing to love and cherish. Many fast food recipes are incomplete without bread, and many other become tastier yet if they contain bread. One such yummy snack is the fusion of your usual white bread with lots of veggies and pizza sauce.

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Babycorn Fingers

Sweet and salty and crispy and crunchy – babycorn fritters have each and every quality of a food that is capable of bringing an absolute kind of satisfaction. Dip it in mayonnaise, ketchup or green chutney – this one will surely make your tummy thank you for it.

Kurkure Bhel/Chaat

“Teatime masti bole toh Kurkure!” The same old hot masala flavour with extra onions, tomatoes, chillies and lemon will surely not fail to bring your friends drooling to the dining table.

Dahi Wada Shots

Done with the foods, and now you want something to drink – what better option than dahi wada shots? With the same savoury taste of a dahi wada and smaller wada balls, this will leave everyone licking their fingers!

Bread Samosa

Name a person who legitimately doesn’t like samosas? You can’t! And this new version of samosa, made from bread – equally delicious but a thousand times easier to make – will surely establish your status in front of your friends as the unparalleled ruler of the world of fast food recipes.

Hajmola Pani Puri

Gone are the days where you had to wait for pudina (mint) water to be prepared so that you can have pani puri/ gol gappas. Hajmola pani puri is a great alternative for those who want to make the pani for these small, crunchy, chana and potato filled puris that lip smackingly awesome.

Gems Chikki

Enough with the spices, now is the time for desserts! The world of fast food recipes is constantly evolving and this fusion of chocolate-y gems with chasshni (melted sugar) will surely appeal to your and you friends’ sweet tooth.

Little Hearts Sandesh

Everyone’s favourite sweet and salty Little Hearts, mixed with the milky fragrance and taste of the Bengali bomb Sandesh, is an interesting fusion of cookies and mithaai, and indeed, a perfect sweet dish to end your evening with your friends.

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