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“Girls, Do Not Quit Your Career For Marriage” Urges Usman Ghani In His Twitter Post

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Witnessing his friend’s life being ruined in front of his eyes, Usman Ghani urges women not to quit careers for marriage in his Twitter post.

Marriage — considered the final destination of an individual in our society. In fact in our society marriage is so integrated into the minds of the people that life without marriage is practically non-existent. People and often women are forced to give up on their dreams in pursuit of a ‘happy married life’. But does it really lead to ‘happily ever after‘?

A Twitter user, Usman Ghani, recently posted a thread of tweets urging women not to give up their dreams, aspirations and careers for marriage. After sharing the heartbreaking story of one of his friends who was faced with this very pressure, Mr. Ghani has requested women that it doesn’t matter what age they are in, no matter how much pressure they face from society and their own parents, they should not get married if they are not absolutely sure about the person and the future of the relationship, and certainly not at the cost of their careers.


If you read on, you’ll notice that how this story resonates so well with each one of us. How each one of us know someone or the other who’s been through this very fight or still are fighting.

Seeing a woman who was brilliant, smart, confident and did not deserve to be treated like this disheartened Mr. Ghani to such an extent that he takes up this opportunity to address parents everywhere.

Mr. Ghani’s Twitter thread has evidently gone viral. His special pleas to the parents to let their daughters become self-dependent and fearless is worth all the accolades he is getting. We wish power to his pen, in the hopes that it will bring about a change!

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