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Leading The Way By Example – Inspiring Story Of A 79 Year Old Woman

Life is good when you live it on your terms and this remarkable 79 year old woman is leading by example. Here's her story.

Life is good when you live it on your terms and this remarkable 79 year old woman is leading by example. Here’s her story.

For those advocates of marriage who put forth claims like marriage gives you a lifelong companion or an emotional support system, the story of this 79-year-old woman from Pune Traffic Control Department is, truly, an inspiration.

Facebook page ‘The Humans of Pune’ posts inspiring narratives of common people, one such story being of this woman who has been working with the traffic control for over sixteen years and has a deep love for driving.

In her narrative, she talks about how she has won many driving rallies, even at a time when female drivers were not so common and discusses her plans of exploring the Vidarbha- Marathwada region after her retirement.

The major reason, though, why her narrative is an inspiring eye-opener is because she shows a certain kind of rationality about the institution of marriage which is yet to be shown by many people in our society. She says, in her narrative, that she did not marry because she was not satisfied with the traditions and customs of her days. “In our time, the traditional system where the boy comes to see the girl over tea, was what decided the marriage. Since I didn’t agree with that, I told my father that I won’t get married this way”.

She also states that her father relented to her wish of marrying somebody she liked, and even though she eventually met with and liked some people, she did not think of marrying. As a woman who has found her greatest companion in her work and her truest lover in her passion, she teaches us to admire the little things in life. The outpouring of support and comments from all those whose life she has touched do tell a mirroring story.

Learn the art of living and leading life on your own terms by reading her inspiring story here.

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Her story is not an ordinary one! Her story is about how parental support can do wonders for a woman in so many ways, on so many levels and prevent her from being a sacrificial goat to yet another societal custom! A big salute to strong fathers like hers who are their daughter’s biggest pillars of strength.

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Image: Humans of Pune


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