It’s 2024, Do We Still Need Male Tailors To Take Women’s Body Measurements?

I can’t be the only one who finds it really, really odd that men’s stores don’t have women tailors taking their measurements, but women’s stores have men taking women’s measurements. When women go to a store selling clothes that are not completely stitched (or are semi-stitched) and then wish to get the clothes stitched at the same place (because it’d be convenient or less of a hassle or for whatever reason) and then have to encounter a male tailor to take measurements, it’s certainly not desirable at all (if not a complete nightmare).

I do not think that the different labor force participation rates of men and women are entirely responsible for this phenomenon. I think that factors like an unwillingness to hire female tailors (who are fit for the job) and preference given to male tailors over female tailors have a big role to play in how things have turned out to be.

As customers, we can always add something like “I would have preferred if you had a female tailor taking my measurements.” or “I would have gotten this dress stitched from you, but since you don’t have a female to take measurements, I will have to look elsewhere.” Having myself asked for a female to take measurements when a store had a male tailor to take measurements, I understand that it can become uncomfortable to keep making such requests every time and that is why it is very important for stores to understand the importance of addressing this issue to improve customer experience.

Just like airports or movie theaters have women’s security-related checking done by women (often in closed compartments) and men’s security check done by men, why can’t clothing stores not have men touch women to take their body’s measurements? Is it too much to ask for? I am not saying that all stores have this issue. In fact, those with female tailors deserve appreciation for being on the right path in this respect.

Isn’t it possible to try to make things better by giving preference to female candidates applying for the post of tailor at a store selling women’s clothes? In this day and age, there shouldn’t be too much of a shortage when it comes to skilled workforce of women tailors and perhaps, one just needs to look at the right places to find and seek them. After all, why would you want to give your female customers an uncomfortable experience with male tailors which may cause them to prefer other stores with female tailors for their next purchase?

On the brighter side, for those women with tailoring skills looking for career opportunities, working at a women’s clothing store is an opportunity that can be explored or be recommended to someone to explore. One can highlight how being a woman tailor will help build a better rapport with customers and understand customer needs better, delivering better results and greater customer satisfaction. Lastly, the goal, here, is not to cause anyone to lose their jobs, but for everyone to find more relevant and suitable jobs and for women to have a comfortable shopping experience.


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