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Disguised Motherhood
Disguised Motherhood — Do Mothers Have A Place Where They Can Scream?

Poem: Disguised Motherhood. A young poet writes about the grief of losing her mother. She remembers how her mother's life was when poet was a child.

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A Brown Woman In The IT World — Why Women Leave STEM?
A Brown Woman In IT World

As I started working in my current job, I started to sense of why women opt-out of this career field. On the primary ground, technical fields are usually viewed to be jobs for men, which I am very sure nobody knows why.

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Feminism In Assamese Literature Is Late Dr. Aparna Mahanta’s Legacy
Dr. Aparna Mahanta

Dr. Aparna Mahanta, was known to many as the first woman in Assam to earn her doctoral graduate in English Literature. She was a feminist writer, researcher, and professor.

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Leave Everything Behind— The Fate Of Young Indian Women
Young Indian Women

While starting a new life with a life partner again, she needs to leave her mayka, the maternal home. Her love for her parents and siblings, her job, her surname, her room — just to survive in a new place which will never be hers ever.

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A Short Story About Acceptance: Mirror On The Wall
Mirror On The Wall

The floral-leafy pattern in brown polished wood made the mirror look delicate and inviting. The fact that it could easily be carried around really irked Maa.

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My Parents Asked Me to Remain Quiet, No Matter What Happens!
My Parents Asked Me To Remain Quiet

My father always taught me, that be it a love marriage or arrange marriage, the first three years are a locking period. Every girl has to do a lot of adjustments!

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