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Srilekha Mitra

A full time overthinker and a part time writer. Words are my antidote on bad days. I prefer to bask in fictional world of cinema than reality. Food and music are my refuge on gloomy days. Being a bong I possess inherent affinity towards Football. I breathe and create art for existence

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In Gulzar’s Ijaazat As In My Life, Indifference Aches More Than Heartbreak

As I, with my heartbreak, visit and revisit our memories of love, I realize how closely my life is similar to the 1987 Bollywood film, Ijaazat, directed by Gulzar.

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9 Iconic SRK Dialogues That Are Life Lessons — Let’s Revisit Them On His Birthday

Through his words, he taught us to express our heart, chase our dreams, make each day of our life count - because life is uncertain and we never know what awaits for us tomorrow.

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Open Letter To Rishi & Dimple — You May Be Mismatched But You Made Us Believe In Love Again!

Every time Dimple and you crossed paths, my heart skipped a beat seeing both of your pensive eyes which clearly exhibited the unsaid feelings of both your hearts.

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An Open Letter To Masaba And Neena Ji From Masaba Masaba

In both the seasons of Masaba Masaba, witnessing your journeys and the hurdles both of you endured both in personal and professional lives, teaches us so much.

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Never Have I Ever Season 3 Is Basically A Bunch Of High School Students Hunting For Ways To Hook Up!

Sexual matters are certainly important themes for a teen drama, however, teenage is also about exploring oneself in other things in life.

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Why I Feel Aamir’s Laal Singh Chadda Depicts Political Turmoil Of Its Time Better Than Forrest Gump

Be it operation Bluestar, Anti-Sikh riots, the Kargil War, Bombay blasts or the Bombay attack of 9/11, all these events deeply impacted Laal and are an integral part of his journey

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Darlings Is The Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani Of Domestic Violence In A Marriage, But With A Twist

Alia and Shafali Shah's film Darlings is a journey of resisting and flouting patriarchy in the process of achieving individuality.

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“In Between” Portrays The Immortality of True Love

Love doesn't always mean holding on, sometimes it's all about letting go of the people you love because they deserve better lives.

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‘Shameless’ Exposes The Degradation Of Humanity

‘Shameless’ exposes the shamelessness of financially solvent human beings like Praveen who misuse technology.

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‘My Beautiful Wrinkles’ of Modern Love: Mumbai

Desires are something we all possess irrespective of age but society dictates what desires one should have as per their age.

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‘Baai’ Is All About Food Connecting Hearts, Whether Filial Or Romantic: Modern Love Mumbai

Baai's last words before her death will resonate inside me for a long time - "Pata hai khane mein sabse ahem kya hota hai? (Do you know the most important ingredient of food?)"

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‘Thar’ Explores Themes Of Revenge & Violence Against Women Typical Of A Testosterone Driven Film

Thar depicts how the quest for revenge brings the beast out of a human being leading to the degradation of humanity.

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Alizeh From Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Is A Much Misunderstood Woman Who Did Not Get Her Due

Alizeh, brilliantly portrayed by Anushka Sharma, is an emotionally layered character who never peddled her vulnerabilities, and inspires everyone not to change themselves or their decisions for anyone else in their lives.

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Ashalata And Binodini: An Epitome Of Antithesis

Tagore successfully intertwined the two feminine characters, Binodini and Ashalata as one antithesis of the other in "Chokher Bali".

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Open Letter To Arjun Talwar From Jersey

Arjun Talwar, you might not be perfect but your selfless love for your family and passion will etch you in our hearts forever.

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Marilyn Monroe
How Marilyn Monroe’s Emotional Vulnerability Was Used Against Her By The Men In Her Life

Marilyn was always frightened that she would be betrayed by the people she loved. Her insecurities made her complex and difficult for people around to understand her.

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Anatomy of a Scandal
Anatomy Of A Scandal Is All About A Powerful Person’s Disregard For Women’s Consent During Sex

Anatomy of a Scandal presents to us the brutal reality of this world where power empowers men like James Whitehouse to get away with anything they do.

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Sakshi Tanwar In Web Series Mai Has Shades Of Sridevi’s Film Mom, But With Many More Layers

I am in absolute awe of the way Sakshi Tanwar's Sheel maintains a fine balance between her family, her work, and her mission to unveil the truth behind her daughter's murder.

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Cobalt Blue: Of Transcending Love, Loss And Finding Abode In The World Of Literature

Love can bring out the best and the worst in a person. For Tanay, the void that love created in him helped him become an author.

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Why I Both Hated And Loved Abhishek Bachchan’s Character Ganga Ram Chaudhary From Dasvi

Ganga Ram Chaudhary is the representative of those political leaders who are arrogant because of their illiteracy, and possess excessive pride because of their financial solvency based on corrupt practices.

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“I Understand…” An Open Letter To Edwina Sharma From Bridgerton

I hope from the bottom of my heart that someday you will surely get someone who will respect and love you the way you want.

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