Open Letter To Arjun Talwar From Jersey

Arjun Talwar, you might not be perfect but your selfless love for your family and passion will etch you in our hearts forever.

To Arjun Talwar from Jersey,

Life has its share of successes and failures yet whenever we face failures on the path to achieving our goals, we often give up on ourselves. But your journey inspires all those who have failed to rise and chase their dreams as it’s never too late. Arjun just like you were a hero in your son Kittu’s eyes while you played cricket, you are a hero in our eyes as well because of your sheer tenacity and self-belief.

You were the best cricketer of your times and yet you had to leave cricket because of your circumstantial adversities. Arjun, witnessing you battling every day with your financially broke situation and the way you never let your son get affected by the hardships both you and Vidya endured indeed empowers both of you in my eyes.

Arjun you weren’t just a great cricketer but an amazing father who was always there for his son whenever he needed him. I sometimes feel if Ketan hadn’t insisted you buy him the jersey as his birthday gift, the whole phenomenon of you returning to the crease would have never taken place and you would have never got the opportunity to showcase your talent.

At times I detested you for being so irresponsible and aimless. Seeing Vidya go out of her way to maintain a balance between her household chores and her profession to fulfil the basic amenities of her household made me feel sorry for her yet when I realized that you were living a life which you never wanted and were making frantic efforts to adjust in this new life, a life which reminded you every day that you were a failure, it ached me and I could empathize with your excruciating pain.

Arjun, you were deflected from your path and all you needed was a little push that your argument with Vidya provided you with. Your quest to follow your passion and finally accomplish your goal is a tale that will linger in our minds for a long time.

At the age of thirty-six who dares to make a comeback on the field competing with young champs but you dared Arjun and that’s what makes you special. Initially, everyone underestimated you, considering your age that you won’t be fit enough to represent Punjab in Ranji Trophy yet you with your hard work and determination proved that age is just a number and what matters is one’s willpower.

Your dream was to be a part of the Indian Cricket Team and it wrenches my heart with grief to witness that you couldn’t be there to celebrate your success which you always wanted. Arjun, you were a God gifted batsman who made Punjab win the Ranji Trophy and you will be engraved in our hearts for that. However, at your felicitation ceremony when your son Ketan knowing from your doctor divulged the fact that you were suffering from arrhythmia for a prolonged period and this was the reason why you quit cricket ten years back but decided to come back triumphing over all the fears that kept you away from your dreams, left us all in awe witnessing your unwavering love and respect for your passion.

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When Ketan lifted jersey number 36 with your name imprinted on it, the whole scene made my eyes wet. Ketan always wanted a jersey from you and even though you were unable to fulfil his wish while you were alive, you ultimately fulfilled Kittu’s wish that once again making you one of the best fathers.

Arjun Talwar, stories of success are always preached among people but stories of people like you who traverse from failure to success are rarely preached among people and we are glad that Jasleen Shergil wrote the book “Jersey” based on your life that will enlighten many people with the hope to never give up.

You might not be perfect; you had your issues but your selfless love for your family and your passion will etch you in our hearts and soul for a lifetime.


Someone who wishes that you wearing your jersey with Vidya and Ketan reunites in a parallel universe to cherish the success you always deserved and ultimately received.

Image Credit: Still from the film, Jersey. 

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