Wedding- A poem


<span;>Twenty three broken mirrors
<span;>Glazed with the hazelnut ice-cream of your wedding
<span;>Slashed eyeballs rolling down the savannah green floor
<span;>Fresh milk spilling over the granite kitchen slab
<span;>Smoke rising from burning cigarettes
<span;>And a few hopes crying

<span;>Women wearing pretty white gowns
<span;>Their cheeks painted in red and golden
<span;>Grooving, holding their red heels
<span;>Sliced lemons dipped in white wine
<span;>Cherry lips wet with dew
<span;>It\’s sour, ashes falling down the sky

<span;>Faces flocking towards the altar
<span;>Gapings mouths chewing steaks
<span;>Jealous fingers scratching the table enveloped in white sheets
<span;>Thunderous laughter sealing promises
<span;>Young bride winking wrapped in your arms
<span;>Bouquet of flowers brooding, seething

<span;>Water running down the tap
<span;>An overcooked chicken rotting in the oven
<span;>Wrinkled blue t-shirt stained with black coffee
<span;>White bedsheets crawling down the bed
<span;>Enshrouding me, blinding red lights
<span;>A strange choking smell

<span;>Jumbled alphabets swimming in a cup of tea
<span;>Hazy winter mornings drowning in a sea of grief
<span;>Violet of Dali\’s Cenicitas devouring my skin
<span;>White flesh mixed with salt and pepper
<span;>Boiling hot oil splashing, half-burnt fingers
<span;>Slicing the pomegranates

<span;>Torn hairs, a bottle of ink and a fountain pen
<span;>Unfinished sentences basking in memories of your smile
<span;>Cold nights, razor sharp blade
<span;>Holding my breath
<span;>I see you in shades of black and white
<span;>My wrinkled spring in autumn nights

<span;>~ I wanna be loved by you, alone! ~

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<span;>Srilekha Mitra


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