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An Open Letter To Masaba And Neena Ji From Masaba Masaba

In both the seasons of Masaba Masaba, witnessing your journeys and the hurdles both of you endured both in personal and professional lives, teaches us so much.

Dear Masaba and Neena Ji from Masaba Masaba

There’s been always a stark contrast between reel and real world. Even if we as an audience, can empathize or sympathize with the fictional characters you all play onscreen, there always resides an underlying difference which makes the common people different from the people of glamour world…

Neena ji, you had to face an unfair world same as any woman

We have placed celebrities like you all on a pedestal, as someone who who has to be ‘perfect’. However witnessing the journeys of both of you, in both the seasons of Masaba Masaba and the hurdles both of you endured both in personal and professional lives, made me realize that you are not different from the rest of us.

You are subjected to the same stereotypical patriarchal norms all the women of the country undergo. Yet the way you both triumphed over the hurdles, conquering the world, becoming queens in your own ways, is inspiring for me and all the other women to live life on our own terms.

Neena Ji, hailing from an era steeped in patriarchal chauvinism you defied all such norms and single-handedly raised Masaba, giving a tight slap to all those who tried to ostracize you for being a single mother through your resilience and immense self-confidence.

You stayed true to your art of acting

You never gave up even though the world around tried to drag you down. Like a phoenix, you always rose up and proved your worth through your dedication and hard work towards your art (acting).

Being an award winning actress you had to face professional challenges when you wanted to comeback to the film industry. It was initially hard and mentally traumatic for you after facing numerous rejections. But when you finally made a comeback with a bang, once again you bewitched us with your aura, and proved the fact that age is just a number and all that matters is will power.

Masaba, you are an inspiration

Masaba, you went from being a child who always had to wear baggy clothes for your physique, to designing clothes for yourself and becoming one of the most renowned fashion designers of the country and making House of Masaba as one of the leading fashion brands.

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You have encountered insurmountable problems. From an unusual childhood to your broken marriage, from a disastrous fashion show to the launch of your pathbreaking collection Hot Mess, from awful blind dates to deciding to focus solely on work, from running away from your problems to gathering the courage to face them, you had been on a roller-coaster ride of all kinds of emotions but you always held your head high. Smashing all the problems with your perseverance and passion towards your work endears you in our eyes as a tower of strength.

The mother daughter relationship

This relationship both of you share has it’s own share of ups and downs.

At times witnessing all of it in Masaba Masaba felt so real because we all go through the same problems dealing with our parents in our household. However at the end of the day, the way both of you reconciled with each other, uplifting each other’s confidence in each other’s hard times, always sticking around each other despite those fights, feels heartwarming.

Both of you show how important it is for women or any individual to have their own personal space as it’s a part of one’s identity. Like when Masaba moved to her new house for the sake of her own creative space.

Success is transient but what should be important is the happiness and a sense of contentment we get from the things we love to do. Like Neena Ji, when tore the contract for the revival of your blockbuster daily soap Fursat as you didn’t like the pilot of show even though it was labelled a huge success by its producers and your co-star. Or when Masaba, you decided to launch a new Teen collection in the Grand Finale of the Flair Fashion Week to make all those teens who felt insecure about their bodies feel beautiful, instead of launching the House of Shaadi collection which was actually the more successful one.

Moreover from both of you we also learnt that it’s okay not to be perfect; as human beings we will be always be imperfect, and we need to embrace our humanity.

From ~~ someone who is awestruck by the way both of you carry yourself, wishes you good luck, and hopes that you both keep slaying forever, winning our hearts.


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