“I Understand…” An Open Letter To Edwina Sharma From Bridgerton

I hope from the bottom of my heart that someday you will surely get someone who will respect and love you the way you want.

It breaks my heart to witness someone going through the same phase once I have gone through. We all deserve love and happiness Edwina, and seeing your gradual maturation into a lady who understands that she deserves to be loved empowers you in my eyes.

You were never asked about what you wanted, you were always imposed on by the decisions your Didi took for you. It pains me as a woman, to see your identity being suppressed by the female authorities of your family.

But I’m glad Edwina that your heartbreak lead to your evolution into an independent woman who learnt the value of taking one’s own decisions.

Heartbreaks hurt, but…

You were wronged from the very beginning when Lady Danbury and your whole family set you up with the viscount Anthony. I know you fell in love with him, you trusted him to be the love of your life, but it only ripped apart your heart into pieces inflicting it with seething pain.

Edwina, heartbreaks are always the worse phases, yet you used your heartbreak to become a strong woman who didn’t settle for a man who wanted to marry you not out of love but for fulfilling the roles and duties of a viscountess.

It takes a lot of courage to let go of the person you love, that too for the sake of your elder sister yet Edwina you did that. You were more brave than your sister and the viscount, and if it hadn’t been your refusal to marry Anthony, they wouldn’t have been together.

You were brave

I could sympathize with your agony to see the only man you wanted with your sister, yet you forced them to confess to each other their feelings which proves your benevolence.

Edwina, I know you were deceived in a way both by your sister and the viscount but you chose to forgive them. If I were in your place I would have never been able to do that. You were innocent yet bold, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that someday you will surely get someone who will respect and love you the way you want.

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As chosen by the Queen you are truly a diamond, Edwina, who will shine through my heart for a long time because of her wisdom.

~someone who adores you for who you are and wishes you a life full of love and happiness ~

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