How Neetu Kapoor Gave Her Grief A Different Direction!

Neetu Kapoor didn't let her husband's demise encompass her. For Kapoor, her new movie, came as a way for her to move ahead with life.

Neetu Kapoor – the perfect girl next door, has been one of the most loved Bollywood actors. The legendary actor’s poise and how she set a standard for the beautiful- girl-next-door lives even now. 

The witty and charming Neetu Kapoor has recently been making headlines as she is finally returning to Bollywood after a nine-year sabbatical with the movie- Jug Jugg Jeeyo

Her last movie, Besharam, was alongside her late husband Rishi Kapoor and her son- Ranbir Kapoor. It makes her comeback more beautiful.

Rishi Kapoor passed on 30th April 2020- after battling leukaemia for two years. 

Neetu Kapoor gave her grief a different direction

One cannot fathom the loss of a loved one. After 40 years of marriage, things were difficult for Kapoor to handle alone. Her grievance nudged her to visit a psychiatrist. 

Unfortunately, sometimes outside forces cannot help one do something their inner self would. Kapoor realised the psychiatrist only told her things she knew from the start. 

So, since Rishi Kapoor’s demise, Neetu Kapoor not only embraced him and his absence- but also talked about him- keeping his memory in her heart as she lovingly calls him Kapoor Saab.

Image credit: neetu54, Instagram

In the last two years, she has been vocal about her life and how difficult it was to deal with losing her better half. Quite often, she shares old photographs of both of them. 

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Neetu keeps on writing heartwarming captions stating how much she missed him (Rishi Kapoor) every day and how he was the ‘extension of their existence.’

Neetu Kapoor is the epitome of how to deal with a loss like a boss

Dealing with grief works differently for people. For Kapoor, her new movie, Jug Jugg Jeeyo, came as a way for her to move ahead with life. Working on the film and getting back on the silver screen helped her cope with the death of her husband. 

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Neetu Kapoor in Jugjugg Jeeyo

It’s beautiful how people recover in different ways. For Neetu Kapoor, the angst of working, the thrill and the busy schedule helped her come to terms with her husband’s death. 

In an interview with PTI, the veteran actor said:

“All these years, I was receiving loads of offers. I didn’t feel like doing it because my world was busy and occupied- now my world is empty. I want to be busy. So, I am inviting work into my life.” 

Neetu Kapoor won’t let the past engulf her

Past is something people are attached to; however, it depends on someone whether they want their past to engulf them or they want to rise like a phoenix. 

For Neetu, the past lives with her in the form of memories- but she doesn’t want it to engulf her. After her husband’s death, Neetu has been more active- be it on social media or the TV. Other than that, she is all geared up to host a dance show- Dance Deewane Juniors. 

Neetu Kapoor in Dance Deewane Juniors

In an interview with PTI, she talked about being busy. She said:

“Today, my heart is saying- I want to work. I want to be busy, don’t want to be alone and think about the past. I want to be mentally occupied, travel, shoot, and do TV shows. I don’t want to sit at home.”

Unfortunately, the world hasn’t been kind to Kapoor

After her spouse’s death, netizens constantly trolled Kapoor for being happy and living her life. It’s unfair that she had to deal with the loss of her husband and even the mindless trolls that said:

“Husband marr gaya, ye enjoy kar rahi hai.” (her husband is dead, but she is enjoying)

It is vile how netizens blamed Kapoor for not living her life as a certified widow- only to live from her husband’s memories.

Neetu Kapoor has a own way of dealing with her grief. According to this article on NDTV, she says, “This is the way I want to be, this is the way I will be, this the way I will heal. Koi log ro ro ke heal karte hai, koi log khush ho ke heal karte hai(Some heal by crying, others heal by being happy). I can never forget my husband. He will be here (in my heart), with me, with my children, all our lives.”

Life is short, and if Neetu Kapoor wants to spend every minute of it enjoying and not thinking of what’s stereotypically wrong- it is her choice to do so. 

Neetu Kapoor’s legendary film career

Neetu Kapoor

She started acting after her father’s death in the 1960s under the name- Baby Sonia. Her mother was her manager and continued to be the strict yet heartwarming manager.

Neetu Kapoor hails from one of the most influential families in the Hindi film industry. But she has never let the fame of her family engulf her fame.

Legendary actor Neetu Kapoor is the actress who took a backseat in her career post marriage. In 1968, at the age of ten, Singh played a double role in the movie- Do Kaliyan! It was just the beginning because at the age of 15- with the movie Rikshawala (1973)- Singh became a superstar. She did about 12 movies with Rishi Kapoor before marrying him in 1980. 

She was always a versatile actor playing various roles in comedy movies (Chorni, 1982) and romance movies (Rafoo Chakkar, 1975; Yaarana, 1981). She worked in several movies, delivering great roles- and was even called the fashion icon of the 70s! 

The bold and beautiful Neetu Singh made a bold choice at the age of 21, which was to retire from Bollywood! Singh was already an established actor- she was at the top, one of the most universal actresses Bollywood had ever seen! Singh defined what superstar meant in the 70s!

Neetu worked on a few cameos post marriage. Her last movie was Ganga Meri Ma in 1983 after which she went on a 25-year hiatus. 

Kapoor returned with Love Aaj Kal in 2009, Do Dooni Char in 2010, Jab Tak Hai Jaan in 2012 and Besharam in 2013. She officially went on a nine-year sabbatical in 2013 and is now finally returning with Jug Jugg Jeeyo.

Her movies are widely celebrated and her shine is still intact despite the time! Kapoor is indeed an evergreen actress. 

Kapoor has always been a legend, even when she was acting, when she was not and now- when she is returning back to her roots.

When I think of Neetu Kapoor, I imagine her as a phoenix rising from the ashes! Kapoor is a phoenix coming out strong while keeping in mind the wounds of the past.

Image credit: neetu54, Instagram

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