Why Akanksha Sharma, CEO Of CITTA, Is The Need Of The Hour For Safe Baby Products!

Akanksha Sharma, CEO of CITTA, wants every kid to feel the love of their grandmothers. Her mom Monisha Sharma is the visionary who is with her, always!

My nephew has just turned one and is often the core discussion of the house when it comes to baby products. My cousin likes to try out modern products, and her mother-in-law is all about natural-traditional products.

Usually, not only grandmothers are more rigid and traditional when it comes to their grandchildren, even new mothers, like to tread carefully, choosing the best for their babies! So when I got the chance to talk to Akanksha Sharma, CEO of CITTA, I knew I had to leap!

When I first read about Akanksha Sharma and her brand CITTA that nuances the touch of modernity with traditionality – I was mesmerised by how she, alongside her mother, Manisha Sharma, catered to an industry that doesn’t really have a mogul.

I respect her eloquence the way she explained every little detail without ever thinking of me as someone whom she had never spoken to before.

Talking to Akanksha was a sweet treat, and I learned so much from her. So, let me share how Akanksha Sharma, CEO of CITTA, is someone you need to talk about!

Akansha Sharma and Monisha Sharma- the powerful duo!

Hailing from a family that was into business- entrepreneurship was the most normal thing in Akanksha Sharma’s life. Today, the 24-year-old Akanksha Sharma, CEO of CITTA, works alongside her mother, Monisha Sharma.

This mother-daughter duo thrive in the baby care business while ensuring transparency and paraben-free, all-natural products!

Talking about her products, Akanksha mentioned that their products always adhere to transparency. Transparency is a pretty interesting concept as not many companies adhere to it.

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The products- Akanksha mentioned- are gripping!

The products are: free of toxins, sulphates, parabens, allergens and all harsh chemicals. Moreover, they are tested dermatologically and approved- which is a pivotal factor on products for newborns.

Akanksha mentioned how most of the time goes into research and development as they want the best product for newborns. They believe in care that’s nothing but as safe as a mother’s touch- and this concept is utterly beautiful.

A few of her products are intriguing as she talks about some of her balms that provide more moisture to babies than the usual lotions. She talked about how she plans to get into women’s products as well- as it is an industry she would want to explore shortly.

The lack of efficacy led to the creation of CITTA

Remembering her time in the US, Akanksha talked about a ‘talc’ case that intrigued her curiosity in the efficacy of baby products in India.

Although there are already established brands in the country, Akanksha didn’t lose hope and went on with her vision of being the sole efficient all-natural brand.

When Akanksha researched for this industry, she realised that there was a significant gap in the market and its efficacy was in question.

As there are no products that rule the market, unlike in the US, her move to open a new venture into all-natural products was a very strategic move.

While her idea was just under the wraps initially, the first lockdown in 2020- was a year full of research for Akanksha and her mother, Monisha. The mother-daughter duo went on to officially launch CITTA in April of 2021.

Akanksha Sharma & her Grandma approved CITTA comes with traditions and ancestry

Akansha’s concept of CITTA is pretty thought-provoking. When I asked her, “Why CITTA?” She said:

“CITTA is derived from a Sanksrit word Chitt, which means consciousness.”

Furthermore, while expanding on the idea, she added:                        

“Our entire ideology was that- we want people to be conscious about what people apply on themselves- or their baby. In fact, we encourage people to read every single ingredient on the label. That’s how we try to be a hundred per cent transparent.”

Akanksha weaves the thread between the past and the present, entwining them into the web of modernity. While their products are contemporary, the roots are grandma approved, literally.

Akanksha holds on to modernity while continuously bringing out the ancestry of traditional Indian ingredients. CITTA’s roots lie in the age-old customs and practices that have been followed all over the country. But, it’s not just ‘he said-she said’ for them; their products are backed by science.

It’s beautiful how Akanksha wants every kid to feel the love of their grandmothers.

Monisha Sharma is the backbone of CITTA

Akansha Sharma With Monisha Sharma

The more I read about this mother-daughter duo, the more it insights me into how inspiring the dyad is! While Akanksha is the brain behind CITTA- her mother, Monisha, is the heart behind it.

Monisha Sharma graduated with BTech in Cosmetics at a time when cosmetic technology wasn’t a celebrated profession. She explored the field by doing some internships before she got married.

After getting married, she solely devoted her time to their family business for The Lexicon Group.

But, the heart wants what it wants- so when Akanksha proposed the idea of a baby care brand, Monisha Sharma immediately said yes- and thus we have this amazing mother-daughter duo.

While describing her mother, Akanksha says how her mother has always been ahead of time. Monisha Sharma is the visionary that Akanksha and CITTA needed.

CITTA, a mother-daughter duo, and a whole lot of passion

Do you know the feeling when you realise that this person is doing something beautiful?

When I see Akanksha and Monisha, the mother-daughter duo- work on creating a safe place not just for women’s skin but for babies as well- it makes me smile with pride.

While babies aren’t neglected, the products for babies are often either neglected or aren’t in abundance like in the West. But, the idea of bringing out products that cater to babies’ needs, is all-natural and promotes transparency is a win-win.

When I spoke to Akanksha, I realised how beautifully articulate and inspiring she could be! Even though I spoke to her only once, she has left a lasting impact on me. It’s not because Akanksha Sharma is CEO of CITTA, but as a woman entrepreneur, she reminds me that dreams come true.

If you have a baby and have tried out CITTA, share your feedback! You can check their products on Amazon, Flipcart, FirstCry or here

Image credit: Akansha Sharma

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