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An avid reader, a blogger, a book reviewer, a freelancer writer and an aspiring author. She has an opinion about everything around. And through her writings she reaches out to the world. A mother of two minions and a die hard romantic by heart, Maitabi enjoys spending time with her kids. Maitabi's writing mantra is simple, let it be a dictionary free read.

Voice of Maitabi Banerjee

Can A Woman Be Seen As Much More Than Just A Childbearer?

Women are being killed even today for not being able to bear a child, and many of them are tortured physically and mentally for that. When will all this change?

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Meghna Girish
Meghna Girish: The Inspiration I Met At #OrangeFlower In Bangalore

I met Meghna Girish a few days ago. She is truly an inspiration with her calm voice and soft words, that hide a pain that can never go away - of the loss of her son.

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I Promised My Daughter Complete Acceptance On The Day She Was Born, Just As She Is

You will always be able to count on me, Maitabi Banerjee promised her newborn daughter, thinking about all the things a girl child in India has to face.

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Bolly Celeb Or Ordinary Women, Hypocrisy And Insensitivity Shut Down Our Voices

Just as it is for most women, Tanushree Dutta too must have found it incredibly hard to speak up. The least we can do is listen with sensitivity.

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Filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi No More, But Her Strong Feminist Movies Will Live Forever

When women directors were uncommon, Kalpana Lajmi made women centric films. By daring to love and marrying a much older man, she proved her bravado. 

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Manmarziyaan, An Unapologetic Take On An Unsanskaari Woman’s Heart!

The new movie Manmarziyya celebrate's a woman's imperfection with 'sanskar' having no role to play. Author Maitabi Banerjee writes in praise for the movie.

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Dear Men, Kitchen Is Not Just A Women’s Domain, Its Equally Yours Too!

A writer muses on the lives of strangers she encounters at a vegetable shop. Their conversations tells her about their sexism that says, "Kitchen is women's work!"

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Dhadak: A Story Lost Somewhere In The Midst Of All That Glamour!

Dhadak ticks all the boxes when it comes to style, but lacks in its very soul. Here's a quick peek at the movie.

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The Word That Scares Me Most Today Is Religion

How have we come to this pass in India, where religion and our grandstanding around it, matters more than the life of a child?

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Mr. Professor, I Wear Jeans, And My Kids Are Absolutely Fine!

Move over chowmein-blaming-politicos, new heights of ridiculousness achieved by this Kerala professor who thinks woman in jeans = transgender children.

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Erase The Word ‘Sacrifice’ From Motherhood: A Mother Is Also A Human Being Having A Life

The first thing a would-be mother hears is that she now has to sacrifice a lot for her child. It belittles a mother's love and her being human.

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How A Mother Breastfeeds Is Her Own Choice, So Stop Preaching!

Who are you to preach to a mother how she should breastfeed her child? Public or private, it's entirely her choice - so let's stop preaching.

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Why A Marriage Without Kanyadaan Is The Best Thing I Heard Of Today!

The Kanyadaan ritual epitomises many of the problems with marriage, where 'girls' are seen as the property of one family, to be handed over to another. 

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dare to live
Woman, Dare To Live, Dare To Love, Dare To Reach Where No One Else Has

Allow her...let her... Enough of such language that pleads. Women, rise up your arms and reach for the sky. Dare to reach beyond what you think you can!

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holi priyanka akshay
As A Child, I Was Molested During Holi. This Makes Me Fear For My Little Daughter!

Holi triggers unpleasant memories in many Indian women. This author recollects her trauma during Holi as a child, which makes her scared for her daughter.

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bride who never prayed
The Bride Who Never Prayed [#Shortlisted]

What you are thinking and the way you are behaving is abnormal. It is unacceptable. You are the new bride. How can you say no to religious rituals. It is a sin, and you are a being sinful!

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my body is my business
My Body Is My Business, And No One Else’s! [#ShortStory]

Some were worried what would happen on my first night? Some wanted to know what my mother ate when she carried me. Some even wanted to know how much she split open while giving birth?

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kids are watching
“Dad Doesn’t Respect Her, Then Why Should I…?!”

Parents are human too, agreed, but do we parents ever think of what effect our actions might be having on our impressionable kids? Your kids are watching you.

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When Deepika Padukone’s ‘Midriff’ Is More Important Than A Spate Of Crimes Against Children

Our attention is entirely on the wrong things, such as whether Deepika Padukone playing Padmavati should show her midriff or not.

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‘Elixir’ By Sinjini Sengupta Is A Truly Exhilarating Read [#BookReview]

Elixir is the debut novel of author Sinjini Sengupta; it plumbs human emotions, finding an echo in the reader.

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Women helpline number India1091
Women Helpline Number 1091: Raise Your Voice Against Domestic Violence

Are you or anyone you know facing domestic violence? Do not suffer in silence- Call the women helpline or mahila helpline number 1091 now.

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Arundhati [#Shortlisted]

"Pregnancy confirmed. 4 weeks. But something wrong. Arundhati refused to look at the baby’s heartbeat on the monitor. She was sobbing. I suspect abuse."

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Mr. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, I Expected Better: Consent Matters In Your Writing Too!

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui's memoir is in the news for all the wrong reasons - proving that sex and women are the easiest themes to use for publicity.

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What If Aarushi Talwar Was Your Daughter….Or Mine?

If Arushi Talwar has been your daughter, could you have borne the ruthless assassination of her character? Would you have made up quite so many theories?

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On Rekha’s Birthday: Is This Child Of Controversy A Role Model For Women?

Actor Rekha has lived a life that drew many brickbats, yet emerged triumphantly as her own person. Here's a look at whether she could consider her a role model for women.

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When Ma Durga Chose To Break The Shackles With ‘Punya Mati’ From Sex Workers

The 'punya mati' from the neighborhood of sex workers is an essential at Durga Pujo. What could be the reason for this ritual?

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Boys Are Vulnerable To Child Sexual Abuse Too. My Son’s Question Woke Me Up:

Boys are vulnerable to child sexual abuse as girls. We often forget this when we talk to girls about safety, but omit telling boys that they have a right to safety too.

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rape scene
Can We Stop The Rape Scenes That Serve Nothing More Than Voyeuristic Pleasure To Moviegoers?

A rape scene in films serves nothing more than to titillate the viewer, and increase the box office rating. Let us become better human beings than to encourage this.

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Why All The Focus On Gurmeet Ram Rahim Is Just So Wrong!

We've had so much focus on Gurmeet Ram Rahim and his criminal doings. It's time to focus instead on the two women who fought the case against him bravely, says this author.

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Bijnis Woman
Bijnis Woman By Tanuja Chandra Immerses You In The Unmistakable Flavour Of Uttar Pradesh [#BookReview]

Bijnis Woman by Tanuja Chandra is a treasury of local tales told by the "mausis, buas, and chachas" of Uttar Pradesh, and reveal human beings in all their flawed glory.

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Why Is Rakhi Only For Brothers, Mumma?

What reply do you give your children when they realize that the rakhi is being bought only for the brother? Isn't this counter to raising gender equal kids?

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saas bahu tales
It Is A Universally Acknowledged Truth That ‘Saas Kabhi Maa Nahi Hoti’! Then Why Should I Call Her Maa?

With all the saas bahu tales on TV heavy with stereotypes, the real life toxicity in this relationship is considered okay. Is it, though?

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talk about menstruation
Can We Talk About Menstruation A Little More Seriously? #LahuKaLagaan

We need to talk about menstruation and demolish the taboo, recognize the need for making sanitary products more accessible, get our priorities right!

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Dangle By Sutapa Basu Has A Psychological Twist That Will Keep You Turning Pages [#BookReview]

Dangle, a debut novel by Sutapa Basu is a splendidly crafted psychological fiction, which will grab you and make you sit through till the end.

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