Meghna Girish: The Inspiration I Met At #OrangeFlower In Bangalore

I met Meghna Girish a few days ago. She is truly an inspiration with her calm voice and soft words, that hide a pain that can never go away - of the loss of her son.

I met Meghna Girish a few days ago. She is truly an inspiration with her calm voice and soft words, that hide a pain that can never go away – of the loss of her son.

Women and Strength.

On how many parlances can we weigh a women’s strength? Probably several. Here and there, we hear stories about how a lady has thrown off her shackles and made a mark for herself. But, then you know, there are women out there who are broken from inside, and yet they have lit up others’ lives with everything they have.

I had the privilege to meet a soul like that at the #OrangeFlower event at Bangalore, by Women’s Web.

I met Meghna Girish.

No. She isn’t a celebrity. Or an activist. Or a crusader, for that matter. She is just a woman who has her heart at the right place. A mother. Mother of Martyr Major Akshay Girish, who laid down his life fighting terrorists at his camp at Nagrota, J&K on 29th Nov 2016.

Anything to do with the army is close to my heart. Maybe because of the connect that I grew up with. I have followed Major Girish’s journey closely. Seen his funeral on TV. Saw this lady by her son’s slain body, standing stoic and dignified. And, then started reading her blogs ever since she started to write.

I heard her the other day. Speaking about how things unfolded on that fateful day. There was not even slightest quiver in her voice. She wore a smile as if that’s her most precious jewel. She talked of hope. She talked about strength. She talked about how to make others’ lives better. And, then she spoke about how grief is so personal, and that everyone has their own way of dealing with it.

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For her, it was writing.

I met her later that evening. Held her warm hands. Looked into those sad, but deep eyes. Charismatic. Very very pleasing demeanour. Softly she held me and asked, “You write?” I said. “Yes.” And then she smiled and said, “Then you know writing is easier than speaking.” It is difficult to speak about him, you know.

I nod. Words failing like never before.

I left the event early. But, I came back with an experience I will hold dear to my heart for the rest of my life. I had only read her words. Obliviously. Now, I will read her through those eyes, smile and the warmth of her touch. I will.

Meghna Girish, ladies and gentlemen. A mother who lost her thirty year old son. Now, she anchors the entire family. A woman, who knows what grief is. A woman who knows what life is. Perhaps.

And, she smiles. She inspires. She lives.

Here is her blog.

Thank you Women’s Web. I will be eternally grateful to you for this. I mean it.

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