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Tina Sequeira

Winner of the Rashtriya Gaurav Award (2019) in association with the Government of Telangana for ‘Bhumi,’ the Orange Flower Award (2017) by Women’s Web, Literoma Nari Samman Award (2020), GrandQueens Leadership Award (2020) by Lions Clubs International, and Women Lit of the Year Award (2020) by I.N.S.P.I.R.E Beyond Motherhood Awards, Tina has published several short stories, poems, and essays in international anthologies and literary journals. Tina featured among the ‘Top 35 writers of 2017’ and ‘Top 20 Writers of 2020’ by Youth Ki Awaaz, India’s leading online platform for Social Justice. Tina is the founder of ‘Write Away.’ WOW Hyderabad, the city's leading lifestyle magazine recommended the ‘Write Away’ program in the Aug 2019 edition. Her blog ‘The Tina Edit’ is among the ‘Top 100 Writing Blogs & Websites for Authors in 2020’ in the world and ‘Top 100 Indian Lifestyle Blogs’ by Feedspot. Find her at and on most social media spaces @thetinaedit.

Voice of Tina Sequeira

recipes for life
‘Recipes For Life’ Stirs Your Soul & Has Food Sketches From 30 Prominent Personalities!

Vidya Balan’s 'Adai' to cricketer Mithali Raj’s 'Sea Crab Curry',  Recipes For Life features prominent personalities & is an ode to traditional food wisdom!

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kareena kapoor
Book Review: I Fell In Love With Saif Ali Khan After Reading Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible!

'Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible: The Ultimate Manual For Moms-To-Be' truly lives up to its grand title!

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Sach Kahun Toh
Neena Gupta: Based On What I Said Or Wore, I Was A ‘Behenji’ Or ‘Shameless’

Neena Gupta’s rise like a phoenix—bagging lead roles in films like Badhaai Ho, and The Last Color, and sweeping the Best Actress award in her sixties, is nothing short of inspiration.

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Harsh Goenka
Mr Goenka, Please Don’t Preach About Divorce If You Haven’t Heard HER Story

Businessman Harsh Goenka put his foot in when he tweeted on divorces of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, indirectly labelling their wives 'gold diggers'. 

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men telling women what to do
Our Business Is Our Business None Of Your Business; Stop Telling Women What To Do

Men telling women what to do, how to dress and smile and look and talk and walk - that is the only thing most people seem to be keen on. Keep your nose out of our lives!

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How To Love In Times Of Hatred, And Why It’s Essential

Love is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves, and others. Why then are we so afraid to love, to accept our own flaws and those of others?

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recent Zomato incident
Aiyyo Aiyya, After The Recent Zomato Incident, Mard Khatre Mein Hain?!

While the recent Zomato incident was regrettable, it isn't Ok for MRAs to let loose their inner trolls and call the woman in question names.

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A Bitter Pill To Swallow, Drishyam 2’s Dark Message Left Me Uncomfortable

Drishyam 2 throws an entirely different light on the meaning of revenge, which I found intriguing. But here's why I think it was problematic.

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Why This 2021 Calendar Celebrating People With Disabilities Should Grace Your Walls

A DU student and a photographer came together, and conceived of a calendar featuring people with disability. Read about 2021 calendar, Oddity: Don’t Bend, Don’t Blend.

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Kashish series old
This Early 90s Doordarshan Serial Makes The Perfect Feminist RomCom Even Today

Do you remember this old Doordarshan serial Kashish? A lazy browse on YouTube led me to this vintage gem of a TV show which left me with some unanswered questions.

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Why I Didn’t Find This Ad Celebrating Inter-Faith Harmony Offensive At All!

Following severe backlash, Tanishq pulled down an ad showing an interracial ceremony. Here is why the ad wasn't offensive at all!

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Online Or Offline, It Isn’t A Man’s World And It’s Time We Dealt With The Abusers!

Women being abused online, on social media is common to the point of normalcy. It's time we spoke up about it and stopped tolerating it!

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Strumming Through The Strings Of Motherhood

Motherhood is not all sunshine and roses. It’s also thunderstorms and thorns. But it’s what has taught me tolerance and resilience.

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Challenge Not Accepted: Why I Opted Out Of The Black & White Selfie Challenge On Social Media

I had posted a black and white picture for the selfie challenge that had #womensupportingwomen, but after I came to know some other facts, I opted out of it.

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A Message For My Daughter On This Raksha Bandhan Day: The Hero Lies In You!

In my life I've never gone to my father, brothers, or my husband asking for protection and help even though they are more than ready to come forward to do so. 

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JLo Shakira superbowl
If We Can Cheer JLo & Shakira’s Superbowl Act, Can We Also Stop Slut Shaming Actors We Call ‘Item Girls’?

Would anyone dare call Jennifer Lopez or Shakira "item girls"? Why, then, do we use that slur to dismiss Indian dance artistes like Malaika Arora, or Katrina Kaif, or even veterans like Helen? Why the insistence on being 'sanskaari'?

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Kabir Singh
Kabir Singh Breeds Toxic Masculinity And Isn’t My Cup Of Tea, But Is The Movie Anti-Women?

Kabir Singh was recently released on Netflix and the movie still has controversies around it. Here's the writer's take- is the film anti-women, she asks.

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Niyati Tamaskar Unafraid
This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Let’s Cheer For Gutsy Survivor Niyati Tamaskar’s Tale

Niyati Tamaskar writes about how she was 'Unafraid' despite breast cancer that struck her at a very vulnerable time - as a new mom with a breast-feesing infant.

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A Pisachini Aroused, You Can Shame Me As Much As You Want

Recently a group of men tried to ward of the 'feminist pisachini' by doing a puja. The pisachinis respond.

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Sushma Swaraj
A Woman Leader Who Led By Example Of Care And Accessibility; RIP Sushma Swaraj!

“We believe the world is one. We don’t just wish for our own prosperity, but also wish for everyone’s prosperity.” - Sushma Swaraj at UNO

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Taj Mahal 1st Indian Monument To Get A Baby Feeding Room; Here’s A Debate On Public Breastfeeding Again

As the Taj Mahal is about to create history for setting up the first baby feeding room among India's 3,600 monuments, by end of July 2019, we look at the public v/s private breastfeeding argument again.

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Student of the Year 2
Watching Student Of The Year 2 Is Like Having A Pizza. Why? Read On

Want to watch a frothy, keep-your-brains-aside-and-watch movie? Student of the Year 2 is the perfect one to go to for your popcorn.

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Third Time Lucky

A wonderful short-story that talks about patriarchy, toxic masculanity and of making amends before life runs out. Read on!

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Why Tabu, Star Of The Runaway Hit Andhadhun Is India’s Meryl Streep

There are very few actors in India, for whom competition and the box-office numbers are immaterial because their sheer talent in acting is a powerful force to reckon with in the first place. Meet Tabu.

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celebrity roast
Let Me Roast The Bollywood Celebrities Who Failed Us In The #MeToo Movement

Tina Sequeira quips about Bollywood actors' abysmal response to the #MeToo movement, often behaving like ostriches rather than use their immense clout to speak up.

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Vishal Bhardwaj’s New Movie Pataakha Is Refreshingly Carefree And Rebellious

New movie Pataakha is the story of a rivalry between two ambitious sisters. It's a sizzling firecracker with entertainment from the word go. 

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Priyanka Chopra’s Recent Biography Explores The Secrets Behind Her Singular Success

In a biography Priyanka Chopra - The incredible story of a Global Bollywood Star, Aseem Chhabra, India's leading film journalist  attempts to find some answers to her success.

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child with ADHD
“I Wish Our Educational System Was ADHD Friendly”: A Mom’s Story Told

A child with ADHD can be a handful to deal with, and stress on parents can be huge. This mom of such a child says that the right approach and professional help can do wonders.

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Race 3 review
Race 3 Sees Women As Eye Candies And Vibrating Vaginas. Not Surprising!

Bollywood never ceases to shock us with the portrayal of women as merely eye-candies and second fiddle to the all powerful 'hero'.Race 3 joins the long list of such moronic movies. 

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Aamir Khan trolled for pic
Aamir Khan Trolled For A Playful Picture With Daughter: Seriously? Grow Up, People!

Aamir khan was recently trolled for posting a candid picture with his daughter for being 'obscene' and 'promiscuous' The writer feels otherwise and reminisces about her own bond with her dad.

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Raazi: Meghna Gulzar Delights With A Sophisticated And Subtle Spy Thriller

Raazi is a sophisticated spy thriller that does not join the league of the usual patriotic movies by keeping jignoism at bay.

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women's food
The Shocking Truth About Gender Discrimination In Women’s Food In India

A staggering 70-75 % of Indian women between the ages of 15-49 are anaemic. Cultural taboos around women's food and other traditions play a large part in this.

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imperfect mum
“I Need A Breather From Being A Mother Sometimes, Even While I Love You To Bits!”

An imperfect mum, who nevertheless loves her daughter to bits, shares a glimpse into that unique, multi-pronged bond that a mother and daughter share.

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Hichki Is A Breath of Fresh Air And Much-Needed Empathy #MovieReview

When movies like Hichki come your way, it is like a breath of fresh air from the tiresome substandard Bollywood masala films!

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Coco: The Perfect Summer Vacation Movie To Watch With Your Kids This Year

If you miss watching Coco this year, you miss something truly special. While it's a treat for kids in particular, it's actually a delight for everyone!

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Yesterday Once More (Flash Fiction)

Read how Nicholas and Karen found their love again after 25 years of getting married and going through the thick and thin together. She looked in the mirror hard and touched her freshly sprouted hair. Nicholas and Karen thought they knew what love meant until then! Until that moment when they had to fulfil their […]

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Gilu Joseph’s Breastfeeding Pic Is Aesthetic, Sure! Now Can We Have Some Practical Support For Breastfeeding?

The recent debate about a photo promoting public breastfeeding reminds this author that we moms need practical support such as clean breastfeeding rooms.

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The Real Queen Of Indian Cinema And A Gracious Person Too: Here’s Why Sridevi Rules!

Sridevi rules hearts in her death even as she did during her versatile career. More on this incredible actor, who's never spoken ill of others in the industry.

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Saira's crazy courage
Saira’s Crazy Courage [#Shortlisted]

It had taken two continents, a regressive family, a forced marriage marred with abuse, a bitter divorce, an illegitimate pregnancy, family disownment, social ostracisation, going back to school, relearning, and a complete personality makeover.

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Padman movie review
Padman Gets Reduced To Being Cliched Bollywood, Despite Its Novel Theme #MovieReview

Here's a Padman movie review that points out that it has been a good effort but fails to impress, possibly due to poor execution!

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Shalini Modi
Dr Shalini Modi, Mother Of A Special Child, Says Acceptance, Love & Positivity Work Wonders

Meet Dr Shalini Modi, who rose up to the challenge of parenting a special child when her son was born. Her love and positivity shines through her words.

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5 Reasons Why I Support The #PadManChallenge And So Should You!

This is why I think that the #PadManChallenge where celebrities pose with a pad will help the causes of women and menstruation in the long run.

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The Rise Of The Feminazis: Hey There! We Are Feminists, Not Terrorists

Do you get accused of being a feminazi just because you speak up for women's rights? Point them to this post right here.

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Forced Into Submission
Forced Into Submission By Lady Lithe: A Dark Sinful Indulgence That Is Completely Worth It [#BookReview]

Forced Into Submission by Lady Lithe is not just erotica, it has a great plot that will keep you riveted beyond the sex scenes. A must read!

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Fat Chance [#ShortStory]

Listening to the men that she dated on Tinder bare their hearts open about their failed marriage made her gain a whole new perspective on men, love and relationships.

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reactions to Zaire Wasim
What The Reactions To Zaira Wasim’s Molestation Charges Say About Our Society

The reactions to Zaira Wasim after her allegations of molestation only show us how willing we are to point fingers at women.

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These Rising Voices For A Gender Equal India Will Inspire You

From candidly discussing child abuse to examining why children drop out of schools, these young people have many valuable ideas to share.

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girls just wanna have fun
Newsflash: Girls Who Just Wanna Have Fun Are Not ‘Khuli Tijoris’!

Girls just wanna have fun on a night out, and they have a right to do so without being shamed for it. Time these 'good girl', 'bad girl' tags were tossed out!

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naked illusions
Naked Illusions [#ShortStory]

Women like her reminded them of their own disease of casting and shunning out many innocent lives to die, get raped and prostituted only to uphold their honour and cover their naked shame.

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For All The Behuda Bibis Dormant Inside Us, It’s Time To Scream ‘Victory’ And Rejoice!

Why should boys have all the fun? Watch this hilarious Behuda Bibi video and get ready for Lipstick Under My Burkha!

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The Curious Case Of The Pregnant Bull And The Fifty Shades of Red

Menstruation is a difficult phenomenon to deal with. Also, the taboo around menstruation doesn't help an inch! How was your first time?

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Keep Calm and Mommy On
Keep Calm And Mommy On – A Sparkling Debut Of India’s Parenting Bible! [#BookReview]

Keep Calm And Mommy On by Dr Tanu Shree Singh is a must read book for parenting in India, that can really help stressed moms and dads.

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live your life
Divorce Him, Mama! Go Ahead And Live Your Life! [#ShortStory]

He blamed her for brainwashing their children against him. But, this was not her concern anymore. She was done with him and his threats. He did not scare her anymore.

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Being A Mother Isn’t Easy, But I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way!

Whoever said being a mother was easy? Unless you think juggling 24*7, grappling with self-doubt and sleepless nights is easy! Yet, here's the beauty of it. Read on!

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Poorna: Watch This Hidden Gem Of A Movie About A Courageous Dalit Girl

Poorna, this real life story of a courageous 13 year old Dalit girl makes for a fascinating read and now, a full-length feature movie.

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Why Emma Watson As Belle Is The Cool New Feminist Icon!

Watched The Beauty And The Beast yet? Emma Watson as Belle is the one big (feminist) reason to go watch this new Disney movie!

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saree dress code
Down With Saree Dress Codes! A Rant About The Saree With Which I Have A Love Hate Relationship!

Let women decide if and when they want to wear a saree. Who are the men to decide upon a saree dress code at work for women?

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The Unbridled Indian Bride Kicks The Golden Cage

The Indian bride is traditionally expected to drop her loyalties to her parents and adopt a new family overnight. Ramona refuses to toe the line!

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dad daughter moments
Build Up Those Special Dad Daughter Moments [How To Build Your Teenage Daughter’s Self Esteem – Part III]

Let those special dad daughter moments add up towards building confidence in your teenager, who will grow up to be a strong woman.

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involved Dad
An Involved Dad Can Never Go Wrong! [How To Build Your Teenage Daughter’s Self Esteem – Part 2]

In our earlier article, we saw why an involved Dad playing an important part in a daughter's life is important for her self esteem as she grows up.

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father and daughter
That Crucial Father Daughter Bond [How To Build Your Teenage Daughter’s Self Esteem – Part I]

The father and daughter bond plays a great role in how confident the daughter will be as a teenager or an adult. The first part of a 3-article series on this.

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The Circle Of Love: This 4-Letter Word Is So Much More Than Romance

It's the lovey dovey month of February! And like every year, the Valentine's Day fever is back again! Today, I cannot help but realize how vital this four letter word is to the existence of our mundane lives.

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What Is Self Image, Really? Just Your Perception Of Beauty!

Perception of beauty. It can be such a personal thing, and certainly something that evolves over time, and can be guided in a positive direction.

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13 Award Winning Books By Indian Women Writers That You Must Read

We take a look at 13 of the prestigious award winning books by Indian women, which celebrate our common stories retold in their literary voices.

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What The ‘Badass’ Sania Mirza Shows Us About Standing Up To Trolls

We cannot blame Zaira Wasim for her apologetic reaction to trolls; only a very few celebrities like Sania Mirza are absolutely fearless when it comes to unwanted criticism.

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Undress Me! #Poem

This poem is an attempt to break all misconceptions, prejudices, bias and taboo surrounding the victims of rape.

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9 Feminist Movies For Kids That You Will Enjoy Watching Together

Here are 9 feminist movies for kids that are a blast to watch together with family, and inspiring at the same time.

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Freelance Writing Jobs In India Can Be A Great Way For Women To Work From Home

Freelance writing jobs in India are a godsend to many women, who can put their education to good use, and avail of work from home options.

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The Amazing Benefits Of Flax Seeds, A Wonder Food For Women

The benefits of flax seeds added to a woman's diet are many. Here's taking a look at how they are beneficial, and some easy recipes using flax seeds.

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Yummy, Easy, And Healthy Chicken Recipes For Your Dinner Table

Chicken is one of the most versatile and rich sources of protein. Check this out for that healthy chicken recipe you want for a special dinner.

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Regressive Mindsets Of Families Might Be Holding Women Back From Getting On Boards

This Biz Divas report indicates that socio-cultural factors might be creating trouble for women aiming to rise to directorial positions in companies.

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These Powerful Indian Female Politicians Also Had To Struggle As Women In Man’s World

Here is raising a toast to 10 powerful Indian female politicians – their struggles and ultimate triumphs in the dirty field of politics. Along with some quotes.

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These Delicious Biryani Recipes From Star Food Bloggers Will Spice Up Your Sundays!

Every family has its own favourite biryani recipes. Here we bring you some lesser-known biryani recipes from very talented food bloggers.

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Why Call Her A ‘Mere Housewife’ When She Makes Your Life So Much Easier?

Homemakers are often not given the appreciation and credit they rightly deserve but denied as a 'mere housewife'. Here's a tribute to all homemakers who have contributed enormously to our well-being. 

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Changing How You Think About Stress Can Make You Healthier, Says Psychologist Kelly McGonigal

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal says "How you think about stress matters". Watch the interesting video to know how to make stress your friend.

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Serena Williams’ Reading Of This Inspiring Maya Angelou Poem Will Give You Goosebumps

This video of Serena Williams reading Maya Angelou's inspiring poem, 'Still I Rise' is bound to leave you feeling all stirred and shaken - in a good way!

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Why Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Chose To Keep Her Pregnancy Private

Nigerian Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie became a mother and chose not to disclose the news to most. Here is why.  “Hush big Momma, don’t say a word”! For all those who have been there and done or rather not done THAT, you know what I am talking  (Errr…not talking) about! Hahahaha! And for those to who, […]

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Banning Triple Talaq May Not Solve All Of Muslim Women’s Problems, But It Is Needed

While some Islamic scholars believe Triple Talaq is not a key problem for the community, there is no doubt that it impinges on women's dignity.

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