Changing How You Think About Stress Can Make You Healthier, Says Psychologist Kelly McGonigal

Posted: July 20, 2016

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal says “How you think about stress matters”. Watch the interesting video to know how to make stress your friend.

With our modern lifestyle, stress is unavoidable. But can changing how you feel about stress and viewing it as less harmful, make you healthier? Stress has got always a bad reputation and unfairly so! It is not stress per se that is bad for your health. But, how you view and react to stress that marks that vital distinction between the healthy and unhealthy zones!

While stress cannot be avoided or reduced, it can definitely be managed. The pounding of the heart, and the butterflies in our stomach before an anxious moment is simply our bodies’ realization that we are about to do something significant, of important consequence and if we acknowledge and ‘take in’ that feeling, we understand and manage the stressful situation a whole lot better. One of the most simple and effective ways to manage stress is to befriend and embrace it wholeheartedly and not demonize it.

In this highly informative video, Kelly McGonigal, a practicing health psychologist and author of the book
The Upside Of Stress, she breaks all unfounded myths surrounding stress. McGonigal expertly swivels us around the science behind stress, citing medical facts, happenings, and statistical figures to drive home her point. She makes an intriguing revelation that our bodies’ stress response has a built-in mechanism, for stress resilience and that mechanism is human connection.

The simple truth is that if we all happily courted and dated stress in our daily lives, it will not only make us more courageous, resilient, confident and prepared to face life’s challenges thrown randomly our way, but also make us reach out and seek for value and meaning in our relationships, thus making us more trusting, loving, and empathetic.

Simply concluded, viewing stress positively leads to better health and a longer life-span.

Here’s the interesting video. Do watch.

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  1. Thank you Tina for bringing us this fantastic TED talk! I felt a bit hypnotised by what the speaker was proposing – but the fact that she is a health psychologist and the content of what she says is so positive and logical, I think this could easily be completely true and do-able!!! In fact very recently I think I used a stressful experience that was thrust on me and turned it around to make a pitch (for something I thought was important instead and completely surprised myself!)and pulled it off too!! So I have to agree with the premise the speaker makes here!! Will be using the advice she gives when the stress monster arises again!! Thanks again!

  2. Thank you, Sonia! How I wish I could take the credit but this is a topic that I was asked to write upon. 🙂 However, I do agree with the speaker’s perspective. And, I have to clarify that this advise does not apply to chronic stress. (For eg: continuous harassment, excessive workload). This study pertains to little to moderate stress only. This talk/article is to debunk the ‘bad boy image’ of stress and bring out the positive impacts of stress on our health – it makes more courageous, confident, resilient, more trusting, social etc. And isn’t that what holistic health is all about. Of course, too much of anything is bad and one should listen to your body’s cues. If the stress is indeed extreme and wearing one down, it’s time to take action and change things around. 🙂

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