Comments On Alia-Kareena KWK Episode Say It Should Be Renamed Kitty Party With KJo…!

So I watched my second Koffee episode this season with Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

Such a bore listening to privileged people talking of their silver spoon babies and their families. No offense, but it’s tedious to watch it for more than half the episode! One hilarious observation though was Kareena’s 360-degree turn on her statement about modern marriages and babies years ago. She’s become old-school now coaxing Alia Bhatt and anyone to have more babies.

The ‘Vibe Check’ segment – What?

There was a new segment called “Vibe Check” in this episode, which reminded me immediately of Mannara Chopra in the current Bigg Boss house who keeps harping on the phrase for no good reason.

Whatever is this whole vibe thing and worse still, checking it? What sort of hocus-pocus is this nonsense? But any day, Mannara’s Vibe Check is for the win as it grabs all sorts of attention from the likes of Munawar and Khanzadi. It’s definitely more steamy and fun to watch than this tepid Vibe Check segment of Koffee with Karan. Like who really cares if Alia prefers red wine over white! Oh, these elitists and their narcissist tendencies. Spare us, please!

Kareena was on her own Zen trip, which can put even Buddha to shame. We learned from the show how she’s doing ‘something’ right which none of them could crack the code. Alia Bhatt brought out her ‘Student of the Year’ side on how she feels Kareena’s attachment-detachment approach to her work is her winning strategy in the business.

As for Kareena, she gets anxiety watching any of her movies and so she doesn’t watch them. Neither is she interested in watching any of the other Bollywood movies, including the recent blockbuster ‘Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani’. But there was a spark in her eye when she mentioned her top pick for a South Indian lead in Yash from KGF, which she watched and loved.

Alia, the good wife and mom?

Then there was Alia Bhatt talking about Raha and how great a husband, father, and man Ranbir Kapoor is. Neetu Kapoor would be so proud. Also, she is trying so hard to be likeable and non-controversial. Her intention was to come across as being the good girl and chill (read non-competitive, secure) humble celebrity.

And couldn’t KJO have given her a better stylist for this episode? The colour’s great, but the ill-fitting sequined gown wasn’t the most flattering. What injustice to a petite lissome body like that!

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There were the pluses too

But the episode took a fun turn later in the show thanks to Kareena. It was a cute sight to see her trolling and schooling KJo. It was also endearing to watch KJo troll her back about her acting in the song “Kasam Ki Kasam” from “Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon”.

One of the definite positive aspects of this episode was the thick undercurrents of genuine friendship. The ones where you can troll and bitch about each other on their faces. No duplicity or toxicity from ill-intent, but just genuine love and desire to see the other grow. Like when Kareena said she was going to unfriend KJo if he continued with his pout selfies, or getting carried away by the GenZ, or having totally lost it with his overtly sexual questions in the last Koffee season. That was endearing to watch as a viewer because it came straight from the heart and a place of love. Much like the ‘Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives’, where underneath all the bitchiness lies a sound foundation of love and friendship. I sensed the same equation with KJo and Kareena and even more so with KJo and Alia Bhatt, who seemed really thick.

Career of women in the industry

More positive things in this episode include the discussion on the misogynistic perception of how women artists reach their peak when they’re married and become mothers. Also, KJo asked some cheeky questions to his favourites, putting them on the spot. Like hinting at Ranbir Kapoor’s extra-marital affairs, to which Alia gave a holy response, “Chee! Chee!” But, we also learned that Alia Bhatt checks Reddit on the social listening about her marriage and perhaps, other things as well.

Anyway, this episode was a snooze fest for the most part of it. None of the episodes this season so far have had guests who are a riot to watch.

The show has become the same old, same old…

I’m already hearing comments that ‘Koffee with Karan’ should be renamed to ‘Kitty Party with Karan’ because he brings the same old elite inner circle with a limited range of topics to discuss. Kareena Kapoor let the cat out of the bag when she said how KJo is bored after 15-20 mins after he hosts a party. When KJo himself is bored with his inner circle of guests at his private parties, why unleash the boredom upon the entire country?

Why not get promising artists from the industry? Is it because they’re not A-listers or happening enough, according to KJo. But it could add a novelty to the show.

Look at how the current season of Bigg Boss and other reality shows are nailing it! It’s nice to see fresh faces alongside the known ones from all walks of life. Reality shows have way more entertaining guests with drama that can give the Ranveer-Deepika episode on the Koffee show a run for its money.

It all feels PR oriented

Everything on the KWK show now is too PR-oriented and white washed. Like Alia’s intention seemed showing her husband in a good light, and erase this perception of her being predatory and extra competitive. I personally think she almost handled it well and met her goals. Not until she went on to shading Deepika Padukone as her ‘senior with a great screen presence’ or reducing Katrina Kaif to being a ‘hardworking dancer’. Sneaky! But you get the drift? The realness is missing in all this PR drama. I also think Alia needn’t be her husband’s spokesperson and let him clear any air.

As for this season’s blandness, I’m banking on Kajol, whose candidness is a delight to watch offscreen and even the low-key hilarious Ajay Devgn to break the boring loop.

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