Undress Me! #Poem

Posted: January 16, 2017

This poem is an attempt to break all misconceptions, prejudices, bias and taboo surrounding the victims of rape.

Let us look at the unfortunate victims of assault and rape with love, respect and dignity like all human beings deserve. Rape is all about power and has nothing to do with lust or sex. It is an act of violence and control where sex is the weapon or an incidental bonus.

Trigger warning: This post contains explicit descriptions of rape and other crime against women that could be disturbing for some readers.

There in the dark shadows,

Lurked a demon slayer

Watching with his daunting eyes,

For the next prey in his commanding sight,

Not to fulfil his lust for sex,

But to ascertain his authority and power.


He got a kick from their shrieks and cries,

A high from the blood gushing out of the victim’s core,

He knew he could devour anyone and anybody,

The world was at his feet,

And He was its evil Master!


Í  see that girl,

Walking towards me,

With her seductive hips swaying like a mesmerising snake,

She brings out the beast in me,

At the threshold of her puberty.

She needs to know who is the Lord!

A lesson she needs to be taught.

I shall drink from the fountain of her youth,

And devour every air of supremacy in her being.

I will kill her soul,

and leave her scarred and shamed for life,

Death be upon her,

Lest she resists!

Her sexy school uniform will be faulted,

And the gutless Society will not have her back.

Either ways she is damned,

She has no option but to surrender

To the Man!


That woman in her prime,

A mother of two and a free soul, I see!

Didn’t anyone tell her the streets are not to be explored at night?

She should be caged in her home,

Like good women should be!

Loosely prancing around in her body hugging shirt and a short skirt,

What does she think!

She can get away with this?

The demon slayer is here to the rescue,

This world is mine and everyone succumbs to me.

I will strip her of her pride and arrogance,

And that confidence that is repulsive to me.

She will be left stark naked,

And touched in places where she never has been

Handcuffed, blind folded and gagged,

Iron rods and acid to the quick rescue.

This will teach her a fitting lesson,

To know and be in her proper place,

Before she thinks of venturing out again,

Like a demon that corrupts everyone around her,

With her unholy presence and being.


There she strolled by,

A vision in black

Covered from head to toe,

Her hazel eyes peeking slyly,

From her downward tilted head,

She has been brought up right, I see

What is she like underneath?

I wonder and smile!

An intriguing mystery waiting to be explored….

Yes! She is not asking for it,

But the world is mine,

And she is my slave.

My command is her wish,

The Burkha goes flying out the window,

When she is with me,

My every whim is her calling,

My dark desire is her taking.

For the good woman finds her place

At the Lord’s feet.

All her demons slayed and put to quiet rest forever!


Oh that boy,

So tender, so fine,

His innocence lush and untouched,

The forbidden fruit –

Oh! so inviting and so tempting!

“If I cannot have him, no one will,”

I proudly declared.

“Either he loses his boyhood to me,

Or I shall slay him for the vultures to feast upon!”

He plays so gleefully,

Hopping on the streets with a little twig,

I see no fear in his eyes,

I see big dreams and hopes,

I see vulnerability that is waiting to be broken and shattered,

I was this boy once upon a time,

And I was touched like he is about to be,

I was never the same again,

And so shall he!

He will be stripped off his naïveté,

And will cry and beg for me…

To stop.

But I won’t.

I will keep going after him,

Till one day, he begs for more.

That is the day,

He will carry forward my legacy,

He will be the Lord of all Lords,

The righteous demon slayer,

The moral keeper of the prudish society.


For her dress and her being,

is her own undoing.

Asking for it from the Lord,

Her eyes begging me,

“Undress Me!

For I am all yours…..

Yours for the taking.

Your slave for tonight and every!

Undress Me!”

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  1. There is artistry in the picture your words paint Tina… yet… I am old fashioned perhaps…So to glorify the crime and criminal or in in any way to bestow the nuances of power on them- even in words, is to me a dangerous balancing rope act. These molester and rapists are animals – animals don’t exercise power when they commit beastly acts- instead it is because they are unable to control their base animal instincts. They are thus weak, flawed and pathetic !! Society, parents and families are to blame for not having civilised these animals enough and socialised them to be civil and human in thought and action. We all must understand that strength comes from self discipline and self control and not physical power alone. The monks of the Shaolin are put through gruelling and extreme physical stress to build their physical strength but simultaneously they are indoctrinated with concepts of extreme self discipline and self control. This is expressly so that they understand that no power and strength is good enough without discipline and control. The tragedy is that patriarchy has steadily chosen the easy and weak way out and forgotten to teach its sons this vital wisdom. It is not need but greed, it is not power but weakness that makes some men choose rape and violence to establish their dominance. In my opinion we must speak only one language when it comes to crime, abuse and violence so that what is understood and what is reinforced is one and the same.

  2. Absolutely, Sonia! Thank you so much for your comments and perspective and I wholly agree. Post the Bangalore New Year molestation incident, so many have people have voiced their views. And, it is a divided opinion. It is heartening we have male celebrities like Akshay Kumar talk so vehemently in support of women. But, still the blame is squarely largely placed on the woman – her dress, her actions, her timing, her intentions etc. I did not want to write another article on rape taking the trodden path. Another lecture on teaching your sons not to rape and not our daughters how to dress. My attempt was to make people visualise what goes on in a rapist´s mind. What is he truly after! All a rapist wants is to go on a power trip, a superior high with sex as his pleasure or torture aid. And, the poem, I pray, doesn’t come across as glorifying the rapist or rape. It was only an attempt to make people think differently and realize the rape victim is never at fault. Not even one of them was asking for it. Psychologists have been studying for years and broken many myths around rape. It has nothing to do with the dress, the age, the religion, the intentions of the woman or even genre for that matter. Pedophilia is rape against children, who are clearly not asking for it. Old women and nuns get raped. We see how rape is used a weapon to shame and get women to fall in line in many remote villages. It is an act of control and criminal violence. Every one who is a soft target is a victim of rape. So, yes the children, women and elderly are the most susceptible. While I agree with that these beasts are weak and not powerful, they are however looking to feel powerful. The line ´Rape is about power and not about sex´ is picked from the conclusions of many surveys on the act. Keep reading and sharing your perspectives, Sonia! I love the insights you bring in with each of your comments.

  3. A correction here – Psychologists have been studying for years and broken many myths around rape. It has nothing to do with the dress, the age, the religion, the intentions of the woman or even gender for that matter.

    • Dear Tina, I did not for a moment misunderstand your poem and I know exactly what you are trying to say with your poem. You are very correctly portraying the age old and popular patriarchal nuances of rape which have been reinforced since time immemorial. Either women were seen as property -to be used and treated as the “owner” pleases or condescends (which explains why women were taken as sex slaves after conquests) OR women were seen as beings for domestic convenience -like domesticated animals -serving the master and his whims while being timid, docile and obeying the master’s will and authority at all times. These ideas have been so deeply indoctrinated and internalised for generations, that it seems almost genetically inherited among that specific “species of men/women” who consider themselves guardians and keepers of the patriarchy and the patriarchal mind set !! But my point is that, even to identify the voice of the oppressors, is to give them validation-that is my fear!! To speak in the criminal’s voice, is to justify his very existence. Therefore in my opinion, we may identify them but we should not identify their voices or stories; we may speak of them but only in hushed tones of disgust and shame. Sadly this seems to be the fate of the poor victims instead of the perpetrators!! Secondly, another bigger tragedy is that law enforcement agencies (through the media) allow us to see (play and re-play)real acts of violence, abuse and molestation but we do not similarly see real acts of naming, shaming, harassment or retributions for these acts. Why? Why? Why? We must see them. Only these will act as deterrents and reinforcement of the rules and leave no one uncertain of the fate of a criminal!!! We have to re-think and re-do our script so that there are new responsible “directors” in-charge. We cannot allow the “actors” (criminals) to write the script, we cannot allow them a voice. Their stories are not the stories we want told and remembered!! I hope you understand Tina that I say all this, not as criticism of your meaningful writing or thoughts, but rather as critique of the larger social structures that have given rise to the problems that we women face today.

  4. I completely understand Sonia! No worries! As I said earlier, I was experimenting with the approach to take when I wanted to tackle this subject. Esp after the Bangalore New Year molestation. A poem was no where is the horizon till I actually got down to writing it. And then, I tried experimenting with the reverse psychology approach. And that’s how this poem was born. Just this morning as the poem was published, there was a news report of a local tailor in Delhi who raped close to 300 minor girls. News like this makes my blood boil and I really want to do my bit. I have so much more to say on this..which I will in another related article. I agree with you that the rapist must be shamed and brought to task and not glorified. In media and in our daily lives. At least in the US and other like countries, we have a list of sex offenders up easily accessible for public view and safety. And which also acts as blot on the rapist’s reputation. Unlike in our country, where the rapist gets away with even murder. Hopefully, the noose will get tightened around our rapist’s neck and they think twice before casting their dirty eyes upon an unsuspecting prey and getting away with it.

  5. the moment of crime begins when a person ceases to discern his basic animal instinct, when the person ceases to channelise his/her animal instincts for good living with the guidance and control of his/her conscious reasoning and subconscious values and mental strength. The crime begins when the mind becomes a slave to passion and senses and the body becomes a prisoner to these.We find the crime exercised across all spectrum of class, caste and gender, among the educated and uneducated; the crime happens when the person decides NOT to live like a human being.

  6. Hope the demons are now laid to rest atleast momentarily after the Bangalore outrage dear Mam. Hope it reminds people that it is the same gender that also brought them into this world. Shameful on a society that boasts of high moral values. For men who respect women it’s another shameful incident. Your poem has exactly portrayed the cry of the victims, hope it touches the people it has to. And finally it’s again “hope”, that we hope,makes the difference.

  7. Hmmm…..I like the way you put it…….the crime happens when the person decides NOT to live like a human being…be them educated or uneducated. I personally the onus rests upon not just the woman, but the society as a collective whole. We demand so much from our women….lay down so many terms and conditions. Yet, when it comes to protecting them, the society cows down, laying the ENTIRE blame on the woman, conveniently forgetting the role they need to play. But to even get to the stage of acting like protectors and playing their part, they need to open up their minds and hearts to good sense and empathy. Which even some of the highly educated people lack. This was the purpose of my poem…to hopefully get people to understand the psyche of rapists mind…..and get them to empathise with the rape victim.

  8. Hi Gratus! Not the demons but the demon slayers need to put to rest. Lol…Coz in the rapists mind, the women are the demons corrupting the society…with their unholy being, presence, dress, etc. The change can come only when the law gets strict and there is a definite action and punishment. I agree with you, hope ´we´, make that change. When you have like minded women and men like you and me and many more, in positions of power, with the authority to make a definite change, then life will definitely be much better for our women.

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