Yummy, Easy, And Healthy Chicken Recipes For Your Dinner Table

Chicken is one of the most versatile and rich sources of protein. Check this out for that healthy chicken recipe you want for a special dinner.

Chicken is one of the most versatile and rich sources of protein. Check this out for that healthy chicken recipe you want for a special dinner.

Men love it. Women love it. Children love it. There’s no denying that the whole world is crazy about chicken. And that’s great news because this hugely popular bird isn’t just irresistibly tasty on the tongue but is also a nutritional powerhouse with immense health benefits.

Why chicken?

  • A terrific source of lean, low fat protein that aids in muscle growth and development and helps prevent bone loss.
  • Consuming chicken breast regularly is good for the heart. It suppresses and controls homocysteine, an amino acid that can cause cardiovascular disease if its levels are high in the body.
  • Chicken packs in Vitamin B6 and which stimulates our metabolism, which helps in maintaining a healthy weight and even aids in weight loss. Also, the mineral Selenium, which is present in chicken, is involved in metabolic performance—in other words thyroid, hormone, metabolism, and immune function.
  • Rich in Niacin, guarding us against cancer and other forms of DNA/genetic damage.
  • High in alpha and beta-carotene, and lycopene, all necessary for vitamin A, and essential for good eyesight.
  • The Riboflavin found in chicken livers promotes healthy tissue growth – treating chapped lips, cracked mouths, tongue sores, winter skin problems etc..
  • Rich in Phosphorus that supports our teeth, bones, kidney, liver as well as central nervous system functioning.
  • The magic of chicken soup in beating the flu is well known to all. Apart from beating the flu, it is also known for beating the blues just as effectively. ‘Chicken Soup for the soul’ isn’t just about the book, but it is a natural anti-depressant as well, being high in the amino acid, Tryptophan. So, chicken is a good choice for kissing all PMS, hormonal imbalances and depression goodbye for good.
  • And finally, consuming chicken will increase serotonin levels in our brain, enhancing our mood, blasting stress, and lulling us to sleep.

We bring to you some truly healthy chicken recipes with lots of taste, variety and easy-to-find ingredients from the good old Indian grocery store. So, what more reason do you need to pamper your family and your health and taste buds as well, all at one shot?

Chicken Kofta Soup

In the flu season, why stick to the bland Western version of the Chicken soup when you can easily beat the virus in style with a magnificent bowl of hearty Chicken Kofta soup infused with the grand goodness of myriad veggies? Feast the flu away with this healthy chicken recipe, we say!

Recipe here.

Orange Chicken

A sure shot hit with the kids and lovers of fast-food! Fret not, we bring to your table, a low-calorie, super healthy chicken recipe of this deep fried, sugary-savory delightful dish.

This version of Orange Chicken is made from the ‘freshest of the fresh’ ingredients – refreshing orange juice, spicy ginger juliennes, juicy tender chicken, green onions, nutty sesame seeds, and sweet honey if you wish to drizzle on some of that as well. What’s not to love?

Recipe here.

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Tandoori Schnitzel with Chilli Mint Chutney

While the Indian style of grilling/barbecuing, Tandoori, is a highly preferred ‘low in fat’ style that enhances flavor with minimal loss of nutrients, it also produces carcinogens that are released due to cooking in very high temperatures, charring and exposure to smoke.

The blackened areas of the charred Tandoori Chicken are sources of carcinogenic chemicals that directly damage the DNA and initiate mutations that can lead to cancer.

Here we present a simple, shallow pan-fried and healthier version of the same dish. In this healthy chicken recipe, you get to retain all of the Tandoori flavors without compromising on that great taste and get rid of those carcinogenic side-effects. An added bonus, some freshly whipped mint chutney on the side! Now, that’s truly living the good life.

Recipe here.

Thai Peanut Chicken Salad

Do not for a second get fooled by the name of the dish. We promise that you do not need any fancy Thai ingredients for this ridiculously easy dish. All you need is some chicken, colorful veggies — carrots, purple cabbage, red pepper, green onions — and PEANUTS! And the dressing is as healthy as it can get as well – nonfat yoghurt, peanut butter, lime juice, ginger, soy sauce and BANG you’re good to go! Want to impress at that office/friends/home potluck without breaking a sweat or the bank for that matter, yet keeping that sexy waistline in check? We suggest you give this healthy chicken recipe a shot – GO FOR IT!

Recipe here.

Kerala Chicken Molee

From the land of Kerala, we present to you this Chicken Superstar dish – an unexpected cross between the Kerala Fish Molee and Chicken Stew! So, basically you end up with double the fun, masti and nutrition with this crossbreed recipe. The brownie points of this healthy chicken recipe (apart from the chicken itself), come from the nutritional goodness of coconut, dry fruits and the well-famed potent quality of Kerala spices. Perfectly hot and perfectly sweet! Sluurrrpppp!

Recipe here.

Chicken and Oats Porridge Gruel

A healthy breakfast is what truly kick starts one’s day. Various studies have proven that the addition of meat to one’s breakfast has multiple nutritional benefits and many nutritionists actually recommend adding meat to the very first meal of the day. Here we explore the option of Chicken in our breakfast menu. The Chicken and Oats porridge is a great option for adults and growing children alike.

Recipe here.

Murg Saagwala – Spinach Chicken

A non-vegetarian alternative to the Palak Paneer, Murg Saagwala is a tasty, wholesome nutritious meal which can be served alongside bread, roti, naan or rice. While the iron-loaded spinach is the oomph factor in this Chicken dish, cilantro and fenugreek leaves also lend a unique taste and add to the overall excellence of this deep, dark dish. A definite must try!

Recipe here.

Shorshe Murgi: Mustard chicken

Mustard has immense health benefits from lowering cholesterol to slowing the ageing process to controlling asthma to relieving muscular pain and preventing cancer. This appetizing Bengali dish combines the best of mustard seeds and oil, making this a pungent yet pleasing affair. A healthy chicken recipe that is uniquely different!

Recipe here.

Chicken Barley Spinach Salad

The beauty about salads is that they are easy to whip up, light on the stomach, guilt-free on the conscience and beneficial to the body. This dish combines boiled and shredded chicken, chock-a-block vegetables and barley. All in all, a wholesome nutritious meal!

Recipe here.

Murg Badaami – Chicken in Almond Sauce

A much healthier alternative to the butter chicken, Murg Badaami gets its richness and creaminess from the naturally good fats of Almond milk. Almonds are an amazing food by themselves and make a wonderful star ingredient in this chicken curry by lending their delicious nutty and creamy crunch. Another wonderful surprise in this healthy chicken recipe is the addition of sweet raisins. A food fare fit for Royalty, indeed!

Recipe here.

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