These Delicious Biryani Recipes From Star Food Bloggers Will Spice Up Your Sundays!

Every family has its own favourite biryani recipes. Here we bring you some lesser-known biryani recipes from very talented food bloggers.

Every family has its own favourite biryani recipes. Here we bring you some lesser-known biryani recipes from very talented food bloggers.

Sundays were our home’s official ‘Biryani day of the week’. Our home would be filled with the irresistible aromas of Basmati rice, whiffs of succulent mutton in the air, pungent and arousing smells of ginger and garlic, an eclectic mix of the various infused spices – the sweetness and spiciness of cinnamon, the sharpness of cloves, the royalty of shah jeera, the boldness of the bay leaves, the fieriness of green chillies and the perfect tango of fresh mint and coriander leaves.

Alongside as the perfect accompaniments to this lush feast were spicy Chicken gravy and some freshly whipped cool Vegetable Raita. That was our standard but much anticipated Sunday lunch ritual, which today remains a fond and cherished memory that can never ever truly be erased away.

So, today our star is the King of all Indian cuisines – the righteously mighty Biryani!

Even though the pioneers of this genius dish were the Mughals who introduced this in India via their invasions, we have taken this dish to a wholly different level.

Apart from the vegetarian options, the Biryani is a delight to non-vegetarians particularly in the sheer aspect of its range – Be it Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Egg Biryani, Shrimp Biryani, Fish Biryani, or Lamb Biryani.

Here I bring you some very interesting biryani recipes, courtesy some of the most popular and talented food bloggers who have given it their spin. (Plus, read on to the end for a most interesting foodie photo contest!)

Prawn Biryani recipe by Mallika Basu

An NRI based in London, Mallika Basu is known for her humorous style of presenting her recipes. A late bloomer in cooking, it was pure necessity that drove her into the kitchen initially, while pursuing her Master’s Degree abroad.

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Her ongoing love affair with food can be witnessed in her blogs via her passion, her creativity, her dedication in bringing and presenting her recipes on the table, in a style that’s like no others. She is also pretty honest and open about her personal life as a working woman, trying to whip up quick and healthy food for the woman-on-the-go.

So, there’s no excuse to delay cooking, if you are a newbie. If Basu can, so can you! For the seafood lovers, here’s presenting a jiffy version of the Prawn Biryani recipe. Yum!

Find her prawn biryani recipe here.

Malabar Fish Biryani recipe by Maria Jose Martin

This young, sassy Keralite food blogger has already marked a name in the world of food blogging. Featured in The Indian Express, The Gulf Weekly, and Common Sense Living, amongst many other publications, she has earned the good seal of trust among her faithful readers. She promises that every posted recipe of hers is triple tested and sure to be a real hit in your home. Presenting to you her trademark Malabar style Fish Biryani. Swoon!

Malabar Fish Biryani recipe here.

Kolkata Mutton Biryani recipe by Somtapa Brahmachari

Somtapa’s recipes have that magical Bengali touch, feel and flavor in all her recipes. This ‘no-frills’ Seattle based food blogger gets straight to her dish without any fuss and ado. She believes that Cooking is an art and has been religiously perfecting it by learning it from everyone – from her grandmother, and mother, to aunts and friends. Here we share her Bengali version of the Mutton Biryani. Quite a drastic step from the typical Macher fare, we say!

Find her Kolkata Mutton Biryani recipe here.

Scrambled Egg biryani recipe by Swasthi Shreekanth

A homemaker and mother of 2 boys with fine culinary skills, Swasthi Shreekanth is highly experimental in her approach. She effortlessly goes from traditional Andhra recipes to World Cuisines to various fusion styles. This incorrigible baby-lover and talented Andhra food blogger has 26 varieties of Biryani to offer, including the authentic Andhra Chicken Biryani. Here, we present to you the innovative “Scrambled Egg Biryani”. Voila!

Scrambled Egg biryani recipe here.

Lamb Biryani recipe by Maunika Gowardhan

A seasoned chef and food writer by profession, Maunika’s approach to her food blog is focused, fun and educational. She loves traveling and curating vintage recipes from all over the place literally. Her blog is a celebration of the lesser known secret recipes to famed food classics. Check out her easy peasy, divine Lamb Biryani infused in the goodness of saffron, butter and whole spices! A piece of Heaven in your mouth we say!

Lamb Biryani recipe to be found here.

Green Masala Chicken Biryani recipe by Sumayya Usmani

This Scotland based, Pakistani food blogger has won quite a lot of accolades for herself already. From being an internationally published food writer to a culinary teacher to a being the food brand ambassador of Pakistan, Sumayya Usmani’s work has been featured everywhere from books, magazines, blogs to TV shows. Her blogs are a window to the world of Pakistani cuisine. Here we present her Green Masala Chicken Biryani which was featured on Madhur Jaffrey’s TV show. Curry Nation.

Find the Green Masala Chicken Biryani here.

Finally, let me close the curtain with a snapshot of yours truly, ‘Kachhi Murg Biryani’ served along with ‘Mirchi Ka Salan’, Raita and ‘Tandoori Chicken’ on a bed of baked potatoes. This Biryani fun-fare is much loved by my family and hopefully creates loving memories in my daughter’s mind just as it did in mine.

kacchi murgh biryani recipe

Please do share your Biryani pictures, stories and other non-vegetarian delights by taking part in the ongoing #TotallyLicious contest. The best entries will win prizes from Licious, a brand out on a mission to bring fresh, hygienic and quality meat and seafood to your doorstep.

Also drop in a line or two and share the link of your own food blog or your favorite go-to food blog.

Keep cooking and spread the joy!


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