Besharam Rang Is Utterly Disrespectful To Women… What Were They Thinking?!

We’re so done with disrespectful representations of women protagonists in pop culture, be it books or movies. Besharam Rang is distasteful, period.

Pathaan’s first song Besharam Rang is out and sparked a meme fest online. It’s not surprising because, like everyone else, I had my mouth drop to the floor after watching it.

I have some questions about this Besharam Rang!

Where did I see this song before? Ghungroo from War comes to mind. It looks like it’s pointless to expect originality from Bollywood lately.

Why is SRK trying to ape Hrithik Roshan and Enrique Iglesias? Even if you’re SRK, you’re bound to fail when trying to compete with the likes of these Greek Gods.

Finally, what’s with the behaviour of Deepika Padukone and her troupe of background dancers, looking so desperate? Isn’t it so 70-80s? I understand the song is all about Besharmi but from the looks of it, it seems like it’s a cover-up for the film’s lack of originality.

If Besharam Rang shows us anything (and this is MY opinion, that I think others may share), that it’s Shah Rukh Khan’s desperation comes across more than anything else. I know he appears all cool while it’s Deepika Padukone who’s pictured as the desperate woman with equally desperate background dancers gyrating in the weirdest poses. But the women on screen are still no match for how desperate SRK looks in this song.

What Women Want

We’ve had enough boring tropes of aging actors being lusted after by younger women on screen that it’s not exciting anymore. It’s off-putting, frankly. Of course I can’t speak for the scores of perverted men who’d be playing this song on repeat for Deepika Padukone, and fantasising that they’re in Shah Rukh Khan’s place.

Shah Rukh Khan still has a die-hard fanbase of women across age groups who swoon at his every gesture. But there’s also a growing number of women like me who’ve fallen out of love with juvenile acts like these, of the aging actor.

I’m disgusted at the subtle display of toxic masculinity in Besharam Rang. The unnatural looking six-pack abs didn’t excite me when the actor danced to Dard-e-disco. It does nothing for me when he goes topless in Besharam Rang.

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Sorry, but not sorry, I don’t recognise or connect with this new Shah Rukh Khan anymore. This new version is so desperate for a hit that women on-screen have to dumb down and look horny for him to make him look larger-than-life.

We’re so done with disrespectful representations of women protagonists in our pop culture, be it books or movies.

Enough of women doing all the hard work on-screen and men walking away with the adulation

Even with Besharam Rang, it’s Deepika Padukone who’s getting the most flak. She’s the one who’s doing all the hard work in the song, and SRK walks away with the praise. Why do men have it so easy without doing anything at all?

If this is not bias, what else is? Both are equally accomplished senior actors who’re recognised internationally. Yet, we choose to see the man as the natural leader and worthy of our admiration and respect.

Deepika Padukone, you don’t have to do any of this to make your male counterpart look larger than life. And if they want to appear so, let them do all the dancing, gyrating, and grinding instead of merely ogling and flaunting their six-pack abs while you put up your feet and chill. But, please put your feet down to disrespectful representation of women on screen.

We’re sick and done with hero-worshipping on and off-screen.

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