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I am on the Women's Web because I believe in gender equality and feminism. Being a writer, I find it a wonderful platform where I can share my thoughts, ideas and views with like-minded people.

Voice of Reshma Rawat

Are You On Team Aishwarya Or Team Jaya On The Internet?

Aishwarya and Jaya are both successful and admirable women. Stop pitting them against each other on social media because of baseless rumours!

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5 Patriarchal Beliefs That Harm Men And In The Process Make It Harder For Women!

It's true that patriarchy has been most harmful to women, trapped by their gender. But men are also trapped by their gender, even if they enjoy a huge amount of privilege.

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Do You See Your House Helps As Equals?

They are working for us as we work for our employers. Don’t deduct their salary for their leaves. Even you get many leaves for your illness and pleasures.

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feminine hygiene products
From Menstrual Cups To Female Urination Device, Here Are 6 Feminine Hygiene Products You Must Try!

Here are some 6 useful feminine hygiene products that I have tried and they've have made my life easier!

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5 Things I Hate To Hear, Being A Married Woman

I never thought getting married will put me in so much limelight. Whatever I wear, eat, and do, gives people a chance to judge me!

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It Is In His Everyday Actions That Papa Showed Himself To Be A Feminist

Although he might not even know the word 'feminist', Papa was the #FeministFather who believed in me, from the very beginning.

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Our ‘Budhape Ka Sahara’ Mindset That Only Spreads Misery And Stretches Finances

Giving birth to a line of girls, or breaking the law with female foeticide... there are so many things we do as a society just to have that one son who is considered the budhape ka sahara.

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From Not Wanting To Marry To Having My Perfect Wedding – Here’s My Story!

We got married the way we wanted - without any rituals, a crowd, makeup, heavy bridal costume, a lot of food wastage, dowry, and stress!

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My Marital Or Parental Status Doesn’t Define Me And It Shouldn’t Bother You Either!

Since I got married, people constantly wanted to know when I planned to have kids. Really, it is none of your business, just stop asking me that!

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Dear Ex, Thank You For Leaving When You Did; My Life Is Much Better Now Without You!

I cried in front of him and begged him for so long. I was disheartened to see that the person I loved so much and for whom I did so much, was not even bothered about my feelings.

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My Difficult Past Has Led Me To Believe in Myself More Than Anyone Else

In the 32 years of my life, I have learnt only one thing - nobody will come to your rescue. It is only you who can change your situation.

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