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Reshma Rawat

I love to write and travel. Can't do without these two. I am on Women's Web because I appreciate women and I want them to be heard. This is a wonderful platform where I can share my views with the like-minded people.

Voice of Reshma Rawat

5 Things I Hate To Hear, Being A Married Woman

I never thought getting married will put me in so much limelight. Whatever I wear, eat, and do, gives people a chance to judge me!

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It Is In His Everyday Actions That Papa Showed Himself To Be A Feminist

Although he might not even know the word 'feminist', Papa was the #FeministFather who believed in me, from the very beginning.

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Our ‘Budhape Ka Sahara’ Mindset That Only Spreads Misery And Stretches Finances

Giving birth to a line of girls, or breaking the law with female foeticide... there are so many things we do as a society just to have that one son who is considered the budhape ka sahara.

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From Not Wanting To Marry To Having My Perfect Wedding – Here’s My Story!

We got married the way we wanted - without any rituals, a crowd, makeup, heavy bridal costume, a lot of food wastage, dowry, and stress!

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My Marital Or Parental Status Doesn’t Define Me And It Shouldn’t Bother You Either!

Since I got married, people constantly wanted to know when I planned to have kids. Really, it is none of your business, just stop asking me that!

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Dear Ex, Thank You For Leaving When You Did; My Life Is Much Better Now Without You!

I cried in front of him and begged him for so long. I was disheartened to see that the person I loved so much and for whom I did so much, was not even bothered about my feelings.

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My Difficult Past Has Led Me To Believe in Myself More Than Anyone Else

In the 32 years of my life, I have learnt only one thing - nobody will come to your rescue. It is only you who can change your situation.

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