From Menstrual Cups To Female Urination Device, Here Are 6 Feminine Hygiene Products You Must Try!

Here are some 6 useful feminine hygiene products that I have tried and they've have made my life easier!

Our bodies are so different from men. Taking care of our personal hygiene  is not so simple like men.

Thanks to online shopping websites and social media, we have solution to every problem, even for feminine hygiene products.

Following are 6 such useful feminine hygiene products that I have tried and every woman/girl must try too:

Menstrual Cup

You must have heard about it on online media. Menstrual cups are becoming very popular nowadays and the ease that they provide cannot be matched with other sanitary products.

I used regular sanitary pads earlier, which caused regular infection and rashes. I switched to cups 3 years ago and fell in love with the comfort they offer. Apart from comfort, I love the fact that they are eco-friendly unlike plastic sanitary pads.

Initially, I didn’t feel comfortable, but now, sometimes I even forget that I have it inside my body. Make sure you buy a suitable size and wash it regularly with a mild soap or menstrual cup wash. They can be reused for up to 3 – 5 years, depending on how clean they are.

Cotton Cloth Sanitary Pads

I love menstrual cups, but there is only one issue with their usage. I have noticed that during my first day of periods, these cups leak a little bit. That leakage can be uncomfortable and stain your panties.

I came up with a solution. For first 2 days, I use cotton cloth sanitary pads along with the cup to avoid any leakage and embarrassment.

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Cotton cloth pads are really comfortable and reusable. My first set of cotton cloth pads lasted for good 2 years. You can choose the size as per your menstrual flow and comfort.

Disposable Female Urination Device

Using toilets can be nightmare when you are in train, office, mall, or other public areas. Female urination products can be bliss in such a situation.

No need to touch your bumpy on wet and dirty toilet seats. You can just stand and pee using this product. It is convenient, easy to carry, and protects you from urinary infections.

Period Tracking App

How many times we women forget our dates? By dates I mean next cycle’s due date and not a date with your boyfriend! I used to miss my cycles many times until I downloaded a useful period tracking app.

These apps not only inform you about your next period’s due date, but also helps in tracking your mood swings and PMS. It also gives you information and tips on ovulation, which can be helpful if you are planning to have a kid.

Cramp Relief Roll On

These roll ones can actually help you when you are suffering from period cramps. I recently bought it and tried it once. It actually works. However, make sure you read all the terms and conditions of its usage before using it. They have to be used in a limited way.

Apart from the things mentioned above, you can also search for other female hygiene products available online, such as panty liners, toilet seat sanitizer spray, female condom, after shave oil/moisturiser, adult diapers, and so on.


Painful waxing, typical harsh men’s razor, skin blackening hair removing cream – I have tried it all! 2 years ago, I decided to buy a battery powered shaver and I am using it regularly since then. This shaver can be used dry or wet. You can use trimmer as well, but it is not as effective as a shaver.

Just make sure you keep it charged and clean always. Also, let the hair grow a few centimetres before the next usage to avoid harming your skin.

Image source: Still from Tumhari Sullu 


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